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Fres-Know: KMPH scores with homeless-hitchhiker-vs.-racist-Jesus interview

Proving that there is ALWAYS a market on the Internet for stories with 1) weird headlines and 2) videos of heroic hitchhikers performing vigorous reenactments of thwarting racist, bear-hugging-Jesus impersonators by using the (presumably) blunt ends of conveniently accessible hatchets, KMPH has gone viral with its story about the black Fresno PG&E worker attacked last week.

If you recall, the unfortunate worker was injured Friday after a 54-year-old Washington man named Jett Simmons McBride rammed his car into him. McBride was making racist comments, and after pinning the worker with his car jumped out and started attacking him. That’s when the hitchhiker named Kai, who had caught a ride with McBride, came to the rescue and started hitting the agitated man with a hatchet.

A weird story, yes, but the reason it went viral has all to do with the KMPH video, in which the enthusiastic hitchhiker basically reenacts the incident with a performance best described as a cross between interpretive dance and surf rave. Here are some of the outlets we found that picked it up:

Buzzfeed: Bryan Harley of local blog The Dumb Drum helped make the story go national. (Video: From DumbDrumTV on YouTube.)

Gawker: “Meanwhile, Kai has become something of a guru to many after participating in an eminently quotable interview following the drama.”

The Blaze:  “It’s a sentence you won’t read every day, or hopefully ever again.”   “Local news is an often-wonderful, even-more-often-bizarre place.”

Responses to "Fres-Know: KMPH scores with homeless-hitchhiker-vs.-racist-Jesus interview"

Alex says:

This incredible, head-scratching story also landed on the front page of Digg yesterday:

winston s. says:

Police should really start profiling white people. They are responsible for almost all of mass shootings, homegrown terrorism, serial killings, cannibalism and now this, a racist religious crusade against people of color.

non racist white guy says:

Of course you would say such a thing. Did you know that 65% of all drug related crime is commited by people of “color”? Let’s stop trying to catch crack smoking rapists and focus on the 1 or 2 incidents a year that white people commit a year. Good job buddy, your really helping the world with your out of the box thinking.

David says:

@Winston: You have a good point; most of these cases of mental illness have been demonstrated by white people. The police, neighbors, and others should start being more aware of behaviors that show the signs of early mental illness, racism, etc.

Ryan says:

It doesn’t matter what color someone is. Crazy is Crazy. The man who shot and killed his 5 kids and wife was a black man. So lets not bring race as the reason. Someone was crazy and leave it at that.

Donald Munro says:

Except … the assailant in this case singled out the PG&E worker because he was black and used racial slurs, according to witnesses. That’s an extremely relevant part of this story.

Gingi says:

There have and always will be crazy whites targeting blacks and crazy blacks targeting whites, and crazy women targeting men and crazy men targeting women. That’s humanity for you. Saying that people are crazy BECAUSE they are white, or BECAUSE they are black is racist, pure and simple. Come on people, rise above it, or you’re no better than the racism you claim to hate.

non racist white guy says:

I wouldn’t doubt the guy was on some kind of drug he got from the hitchiker, raacism is only a factor in our society because its on BOTH sides of color, I’ve been singled out many times cause I’m white, I was beat everyday by people of “color”, yes I have some resentment to those specific people, but I’m not gonna go run someone down with my car. I feel like the racism people of “color” expirience is due to their inability to mingle with white people due to their hatred based on either parental misguidance or constantly putting themselves into situations that are controlled by white people in their eyes… this is a tough subject, but, I feel like I have been wronged by people of “color” more than by white people. Beaten, robbed, and taken advantage of. If you carry racism on your shoulder, you will never become anything in life, you will just scrape by your whole life. Get over it, teach your children a different way of life, move out of the projects. If you get an education you can succeed, opportunity is there, if you are low income you can go to college for almost free, but, I suppose selling drugs is easier, so is robbing people, and trying to be king of the hill. GOOD JOB! And btw, the black tribesman from more civilized villiages sold the african slaves to the dutch, who sold them to everyone… so backstabbing and brutality is part of the history of the african people, and its still happening!

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