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My kingdom for a council parking lot …


Big archaeological news today: A skeleton dug up in Leicester, England parking lot suspected to be the remains of Richard III has been positively identified through DNA tests, scientists say. From the AP:

The 10 injuries to the body were inflicted by weapons like swords, daggers and halberds and were consistent with accounts of Richard being struck down in battle — his helmet knocked from his head — before his body was stripped naked and flung over the back of a horse in disgrace.

The skeleton shows evidence of scoliosis, which would be consistent with Shakespeare’s famous depiction of the king as having a hump in the play bearing his name. Some scholars over the years have suggested that Richard faked the hump.

All this has set folks on social media today bandying about literary allusions, of course. My favorite:

Fate loves irony. He died shortly after offering his kingdom for a horse, and he was found under the wheels of a Mustang.

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