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Peace out, Beehive

Well, the day is here. My final Beehive post. I’ve written too much already about leaving The Bee, so I won’t do that again. You can read my final column from today’s Bee for the proper Fresno farewell.” For you Beehivers, I just want to leave you with an important video. This place and you readers have meant so much to me over the years. I’ll miss you. But be excellent.

Responses to "Peace out, Beehive"

MIgz says:

Hey bro, good work. you’re the main reason I tuned into this blog on a daily basis. Well whatever you decided to do, good luck man! and if your continuing to write at a different location, Please send me the link and I’m sure to tune in G.

Pk says:

Best of luck to you! Onward and upward!

Christy says:

Love the video… miss you already!

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