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Inaugural poet Blanco coming to Reedley

Richard Blanco, the first Latino and openly gay poet to act as an inaugural poet, will make a visit April 18 to Reedley College, public information officer Lucy Ruiz tells me. Blanco gave a stirring reading of his poem ‘One Today” at President Obama’s inauguration a few weeks ago. I don’t have any details yet about tickets, but I’m sure this will be a hot one. Quite a coup for Reedley College, by the way.

UPDATE: David Borofka, an English instructor at Reedley College, writes:

In addition to Richard Blanco’s visit in April, we also have Tobias Wolff (author of This Boy’s LifeOld School, and Our Story Begins, among others) coming on March 14. And, down the road, Jane Smiley(author the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, One Thousand Acres, and many, many others) will be with us on October 24.

That’s a great lineup. I’ve been a Jane Smiley fan for decades.


Responses to "Inaugural poet Blanco coming to Reedley"

David Borofka says:

Thanks for the notice, Donald! We have a couple of other events that may also attract a wider audience: Tobias Wolff on March 14 and Jane Smiley on October 24. We should have a very good year indeed!

Kevin Smith says:

This will be a great oppotunity to see him in person, his poem was so inspirational. Where will we be able to find out about tickets?

Donald Munro says:

Reedley College hasn’t yet sent out a press release with ticket details, Kevin, but when they do, I’ll pass it on.

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