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Upheaval at the Cask & Cork restaurant

Just seven months after its opening, big changes are happening at the Cask & Cork Bistro & Pourhouse at Friant and Fort Washington roads.

After yesterday’s somewhat cryptic message on Facebook, partner Kelley Nelson tells me that the restaurant is closed for now, but may not be for long. Some people are interested in taking it over and it could reopen soon, he says.

In the meantime, “partnership drama” has led Nelson and his wife to separate themselves from the business and continue with their own plans to open a new restaurant in Old Town Clovis. He won’t say where yet and he’s still looking for a few investors, but he wants to open a restaurant more like the original idea he had for Cask & Cork. If all goes well, he hopes to open by April.

Responses to "Upheaval at the Cask & Cork restaurant"

Anonymous says:

Where are you getting your information from? Kelley Nelson was/is not an owner of Cask & Cork. You may want to check your facts before you write articles like this. City of Fresno license clearly shows only Kenny Smith is owner of this establishment and I think you should be interviewing him instead.

Bethany Clough says:

The restaurant is owned by an LLC, a group of partners, public records show. Kelley Nelson is one of the partners. Looks like Kenny Smith is too. Kelley was the one who acted as a media contact when the restaurant first opened.

Ed Perez says:

Are they permanently closed or did they repoen either under the Cask & Corl name or another name? I wouldn’t mind going there.

Ed Perez
Independence, MO

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