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My pick tonight: ‘Freud’s Last Session’

I’m a big fan of The New Ensemble Theater Group’s play-reading series. If you’ve never experienced one, a play reading might sound like a dry-as-dust time suck that will have you fidgeting in your seat after 15 minutes. But when they’re done right, like with The New Ensemble, they can be an invigorating way to absorb a new play. Don’t worry: the actors don’t read the script cold. They’re as invested in developing their characters as if they were in a full-fledged production.

The company’s latest offering in its Hot Off the Stages series is Mark St. Germain’s hit Off Broadway play “Freud’s Last Session.” Can a Christian and an atheist have a frank discussion about the existence of God and still respect each other in the end? Jaguar Bennett and James Sherrill star.

The reading is 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Revue Cafe,  620 E. Olive Ave. Admission is free with purchase of snack or beverage.

“Freud’s Last Session,” an Off-Broadway hit, is receiving its West Coast debut at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica through Feb. 10. Who knows? If you like the reading enough, you could make a road trip to see Judd Hirsch and Tom Cavanagh in the leading roles.

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