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Ten soon-to-be rejected taglines for Tim Tebow’s upcoming Fresno appearance

Tim Tebow is coming to Fresno for the inaugural Inspire Gala, according to reports out of KMPH this afternoon.

The popular but embattled quarterback — known for his steamy good looks, unorthodox throwing and strong Christian faith —  will be the star of the April 5 event at Fresno Convention Center’s Exhibit Hall. It’s a joint effort between Break the Barriers and Fresno Christian Schools. Tebow is reportedly getting paid $150,000 to appear. According to The Bee, tickets cost $150 and go on sale Feb. 19.

As we wait for Tebowmania to sweep through Fresno, we thought up 10 potential taglines that could swell interest among the masses. Something tell us organizers will pass, but what the heck, we’ll share with you.

*** Drumroll, please ***

10. By our calculations, the 12th best quarterback in Fresno that day.

9. More action than he saw on the football field this season, guaranteed — or your money back.

8. Tim Tebow day in Fresno — aka “Parents: don’t miss this chance to find your 22-year-old daughters an upstanding Christian husband” day.

7.  Joined by opening act — and new girlfriend — Lennay Kekua.

6. Kiss the purity ring, b**ch.

5. It’s the biggest party night of the yeaaaaaaaar. Tim Tebow. Fresno. Friday night. After party at Club Eva — which, for one night only, is changing its name to Club Eve.

4. If you miss him on April 5, catch Tebow selling Mark Sanchez voodoo dolls at Big Hat Days April 6 and 7.

3. The first 58 minutes of his speech might suck, but the last two minutes will be entertaining.

2. Fresno and Tebow: A match made in heaven. No, seriously, God is his agent.

1. We told him he could be QB1 for the Central Valley Coyotes if he came … and he fell for it!


Responses to "Ten soon-to-be rejected taglines for Tim Tebow’s upcoming Fresno appearance"

Jaurique says:

I was just going to email you for his contact information to book that after party….

Teresa Stump says:

I love Tim Tebow. You don’t get a Heisman Trophy for sucking. I don’t think they have ever really given him a chance. Why does is
Christianity frighten people so much. Perhaps he knows something more that the rest of us. I only hope Fresno shows him some hospitality, and keeps the JUDGING to the press and small minded people. WE love you Tim!!! And I’m old enough to be his mother and then some. Not some heart sick chick!

Rory McCarthy says:

I’ll pass, which is more than I can say about Tebow this year.

T L -Stump says:

You know, te-he, funny thing about that, you know to pass and play, and etc,s pretty much you really need to play in the play.

Alex says:

$150K to speak at a FUNDRAISER… Klassy!!! Talk about Christian Charity.

Verna Hornbaker says:

This really isn’t about Tim Tebow or anyone’s opinion of him. It is a fundraiser for 2 great non profit organizations in Fresno. They both work to improve the lives of so many in our community We need to support organizations like these and not tear down their fundraising efforts

Actually, this post is entirely about Tim Tebow, his star status, his football playing and people’s opinions of him. What it’s not about is about the two organizations involved in the local event. Break the Barriers, I think, is a great organization. But that’s not what this is about.

Mary Williams says:

I used to enjoy reading your column, Mike, but this one is just plain tacky and mean-spirited! We should applaud Tim for his consistent moral lifestyle even under pressure. I know some do not agree with his faith, but I believe that it is his faith that gives him the courage to live a moral lifestyle in this day and age. I admire him for that.

Teresa Stump says:

Mary Williams, I totally agree with you, and I said anything you find offending, please forgive me. That was certainly not my intent.

GW70 says:

You said “unorthodox throwing”…you’re funny.
But whatever anyone thinks of Tebow, if he brings in a lot of money for
Break the Barriers that’s all that matters.

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