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Now is the time to go thrift shopping

Photo: John Walker

A funny thing happened when I went to Goodwill last weekend. There was a lot of good stuff, new stuff — more so than normal. I got this brand new fuschia skirt with a lace overlay at the North Blackstone Avenue Goodwill for about three bucks. Normally it costs $19.99.

Wondering what was going on, I called my friendly neighborhood Goodwill PR rep, who confirmed my suspicions. This is great time to go thrift shopping, says Goodwill’s Sally Wooden. Families are clearing out their closets and garages to make way for all the new stuff they got for Christmas. And others made end-of-year donations to get tax deductions.

That means an influx of high-quality stuff in thrift shops — Goodwill and others — for you, the shopper. Because some of the donations take a while to trickle in from drop-off points and warehouses, the infusion of new stuff lasts through February.

Kids’ stuff — whether bikes or clothes — goes quickly, Wooden says, so act fast if that’s what you’re looking for.

Some things are brand new. Goodwill has an arrangement with some retailers, including Target, to take its overstock goods. So all those clothes people are returning to Target because they don’t fit? Some of it ends up at Goodwill, perhaps because the stores want to make room for spring fashions.

You’ve still got to be willing to hunt — and there’s still going to be plenty of lesser quality goods — but it’s a good time to shop if you like thrift shopping.

Responses to "Now is the time to go thrift shopping"

tineke says:

I can top your great find! How about a Coldwater Creek travelers skirt with all the tags – originally priced at $ 79.99 for 3 bucks. Now that is a deal to write about

Bethany Clough says:


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