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Facebook sheet music of the day

This one is making the rounds today — no doubt inspired by Beyonce’s (slightly) ornamented version of the National Anthem at yesterday’s inaugural ceremony. If you’re a musician, you totally get it. I picked it up from Facebook friend Ben McNamara (he of the passionate near-kiss featured on last year’s “Spring Awakening” 7 cover), and George Takei shared it about an hour ago, the true mark of going viral.

Favorite “Star Spangled Banner” video: Bee staffer Kent Gaston shares his classic pick on the jump featuring coach Mo Cheeks. Very, very heartwarming.

Responses to "Facebook sheet music of the day"

mdub420 says:

this is the version she lip synced?

Donald Munro says:

I don’t think so, mdub. I’m pretty sure it’s just a generic satire poking fun at all the singers who embellish the National Anthem too much. For those wondering about the lip sync story, here’s the CBS story. (Just posted about an hour ago.)

Kathy Mahan says:

What a great coach! How nice.

Lisi says:

So this has always kind of bugged me. Traditionally, music for singers was not highly ornamented but women (sopranos mostly) who were considered masters would add their own frills and trills- that is what a coloratura is- that stuff wasn’t written- not until much later. True divas have always done this and are celebrated for it. I don’t think people really understand what it would mean to sing the national anthem totally straight-note for note.
That being said- some singers are better at it than others.

Donald Munro says:

I hear you, Lisi. I think you’re right that a note-for-note version would be boring. It’s just that the embellishment thing seems to get a little out of control with some singers. I think it’s a case where less is more.

blake says:

It’s a funny post. Yes,as the writer implies, some are better at it than others. I’m laughing at the ‘sporting event version’ cuz I generally dislike (regardless of genre), those who approach music as if it were a sporting event (whoever’s faster, and louder, and skis the moguls in the most exteme way….is better). For some folks, it’s all about who can shake the most notes and get all WWE on your tune.

[I’m only commenting on the funny post. I didn’t listen to the singers, just the speach. I was busy getting ready to record the cool [and, I'm guessing, more subtle], local band: Suicide Lounge that Monday afternoon.)

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