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Reality stars talk about love, romance

It may not seem like it, but Valentine’s Day is not that far away. Romance can be such a tricky thing, it seemed wise to turn to a few experts — people who found true love through a television show — for some tips.

There have been about 8,000 editions of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” so far and yet not many have found the kind of everlasting relationship that comes from speed dating through a couple dozen of people while cameras capture every intimate moment.

It looked like the show was going to have a good track record with Cupid as Trista Rehn Sutter found love with Ryan Sutter after her turn on the first “The Bachelorette.” The couple is still together after a decade.

Trista says the secret to a good relationship is to do small things for each other. As an example, she points to how she’s currently writing a book and has been under a lot of stress because of deadlines.

“He’s been taking over the reins with the kids and been incredibly supportive,” Trista says. “One morning, he left me a card — and four caramels that I love — that said ‘I support you and I know you can do this.’ It was so sweet.”

Trista loves Valentine’s Day but thinks it’s more important to celebrate romance every day.

Jason and Molly Malaney Mesnick have also found a lasting love after they got together after the 13th edition of “The Bachelor.” It’s so lasting that she’s pregnant. Jason’s his goal is to make sure Molly and the baby are healthy as they speed toward the March birth date.

As to the key for a good relationship, Molly says it might sound cliche but for her it’s just communication.

“We had gone through slumps where we didn’t communicate very well. Then we realized that we just needed to talk to each other like adults and we got through it,” Molly says.

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