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The Beehive’s Obama meme challenge

As you probably heard already, President Obama made his first stop in the Central Valley on Monday, dedicating a memorial to Cesar Chavez in Keene (near Bakersfield). The story in Tuesday’s Bee caught my eye, not only because it was big news, but because of the picture too. It looked like he was about to make out with United Farm Workers of America president Arturo Rodriguez. Right?!? Or am I tripping here?

It seemed like Photoshop gold, so it didn’t take too much convincing to get Bee photog Craig Kohlruss to make this:

So now I leave it up to you, you clever and creative Beehive readers. Make Photoshop magic and send it back our way. Either post a link in the comments or email me the file and I’ll add it to this post. If you wanna see the full gallery of pics by The Bee’s Eric Paul Zamora, go here.

Responses to "The Beehive’s Obama meme challenge"

Blake says:

Oh man, I was kind of thinking the same thing. I remember as kids we would entertain ourselves by writing rude things in talking bubble captions in the newspaper, or cleverly (?) altering headlines with a deft pen to make them look like they said something else. Over my breakfast yesterday, it all came back to me.
—great to have the Beehive back online!
–and I love reinstating of the ‘recent comments’ thing on the margin. Didn’t you guys have that y ears ago?

Yes, we did. It stopped working in our previous blogging platform and not being able to use a “recent comments” feature was one of the reasons we wanted to switch. I think it’s a valuable way to monitor — and participate in– the conversation on the site. Very happy to have it back. Thanks for noticing.

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