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Donald’s mailbag

I can’t begin to match the love for Disneyland that my esteemed former colleague Heather McLane captured so eloquently on the Beehive. But on a recent trip to Anaheim, I realized how special the place is to me in terms of childhood memories. I wrote my Jan. 13 Sunday Spotlight column about the visit, in particular a very special moment I witnessed in a tucked-away corner of the park in the the Tomorrowland Innoventions attraction. I received lots of warm notes from readers in my in-box and on Facebook. So in a moment of Saturday afternoon feel-good, I thought I’d share a few with you.

Anita Morris writes:

Thank you for your article. I just took my kids again to Disneyland, and Innoventions is a must see/do for us too. I miss the circular stage and refuse to have the computer tell my kids what my BMI is no matter how much they beg. :).

This is truly the Happiest Place on Earth for my severely disabled daughter, it is the only place EVER where she just giggles and claps.  It is truly an amazing miracle, I just got us our first season tickets.  Here is to many 4 hour drives in the coming year.

What a sweet story, Anita. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the new display they have in Innoventions where you get a picture taken of yourself and then get to see what you’ll look like in 30 years. Now that’s scary:


Julie Dana writes:

Thanks for your article.  I, also, am a Disney fan from many years ago.  Your reminder of shrinking into the microscope, etc. brought back great memories.  My grandmother lived a few miles from Disneyland so, although we couldn’t afford to go use our “E” tickets to go to the park very often, we were always reminded to run to the corner just before 9 pm to go watch the fireworks.

I still love to go with my family, nieces and nephews and watch their eyes glow with wonder and excitement.  And to remember when I was that little girl….

Thanks for the reminder… I can’t wait for my next visit at the end of this month!

Ah, those beloved “E” ticket rides. In the lobby of the “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln” attraction — another of my nostalgic favorites — is a Disney history display area, and you can see those original ticket books. We always ended up with a bunch of “A” and “B” tickets at home.


Kristie Leyba writes:

Just came back from Disneyworld. The Tiki Room, as old and clickity-clackety as the birds and flowers are, will never stop being an amazing piece of engineering and magic for me.

Kristie, I have a distinct memory from childhood being extremely concerned with the treatment of the birds that descend from the ceiling. Did they have to stay there all night? Would they get cold? What if they’re scared of the dark? And this time around, I was amazed by the singing flowers. They look as if they’re auditioning for “Little Shop of Horrors.”


Karan Johnson writes:

I’m old enough to remember Inner Space – and I had the same reaction – scared about being shrunk. Now, looking back, I seem to recall the ride as a Monsanto thing? I also loved the “House of Tomorrow” : all electric! Microwave ovens! (Although they didn’t call them that.) Robots!

Just give me that “Star Trek” communicator. That’s all I wanted. The other day I was talking to my nephews via Face Time on my iPhone, and I thought: To a 7- and 10-year-old, it’s no big deal to use a picture phone. I wonder what they’ll be amazed by in terms of technological advances when they’re my age?


Richard Mynderup writes:

Thanks for your article. My family and I love Disneyland and just wish we could visit more often. Prior to our son Leslie and I had season passes and would often go and just wander around not riding many rides. But just wanting to be “away” from the real world. Uncle Walt’s words are more true even today … “Disneyland is your land…”

Well said, Richard. I used to think I’m a “Disneyland once every 10 years” kind of guy. But now I’m having second thoughts.

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anita morris says:

just to clarify, there must be 2 anita morris’ as i am one, but not the one who commented on disneyland. i am 67, no kids and married to randy morris. did not want friends to think i was leading a double life. :>o

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