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Local band Poor Man’s Poison wins $100,000 Texaco Country Showdown

Well, you can’t call Hanford band Poor Man’s Poison poor tonight. The Americana/folk/country group won first place and $100,000 at Texaco Country Showdown in Nashville.

The contest started with 50,000 contestants nationwide, with five regional winners duking out tonight in Nashville. Jewel hosted the competition, which eventually will be televised nationally. The country showdown has helped launch the careers of stars such as Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert.

A simple “They won” was the update on the band’s Facebook page, followed by this picture about 10 minutes later:

In a Q & A that published in today’s Fresno Bee, I asked bass player Dustin Medeiros what he thought winning would do for Poor Man’s Poison. His answer: “I’m not totally sure that winning or not will change our future.” Something tells me Poor Man’s Poison’s future just got a lot brighter.

[photo: Poor Man’s Poison’s Facebook]

Responses to "Local band Poor Man’s Poison wins $100,000 Texaco Country Showdown"

Mathr de León says:

Outstanding! The first time I heard these guys was at the farmers market in Hanford and I knew it must be them before I even saw the stage. Love when hype is more than just hype.

Charlyn Oliver says:

Absolutely wonderful! I wish you all the best!!!

Cris Magnuson says:

I went to school with these guys and they all have worked really hard for this. They put alot aside for there music ventures and they have fun doing it. They are just regular people that are actually getting noticed. Good music is all that matters and the feeling you get when you hear something that sounds great. I’m very happy and proud they won the contest. Good people and good friends well deserved.

Sean Dillard says:

Well said Dude! Let’s hear it for PmP!! :)

Linn Roll says:

saw you guys at Ryman and thought you deserved this WIN!
Linn Roll singer/songwriter Nashville TN

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