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Fres-Know: Our fake girlfriend is in great health, thanks for asking

WATCH THIS: New tourism ad for Fresno/Clovis Convention and Visitors Bureau. [YouTube]

TRENDING: Fresno, thanks to CBS 47, is at forefront of “Teoing.” [Huffington Post]

NEWS: Deadline looms in fight about trash outsourcing. [The Bee]

TAKE THIS: Season-end survey for Fresno’s downtown ice rink. [SurveyMonkey]

VINTAGE: Flier of first shows from Fresno’s Cadillac Club. [Facebook]

THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK: “Fresneck” the song. [YouTube]

WTF FRESNO: “Homeless” man tosses urine container in office building. [The Bee]

GOOD NEWS: Valley home prices up in December. [News Blog]

NEW ON THE WEB: The “I Believe in Downtown Fresno” pledge. []

FACEBOOK FIGHT OF THE WEEK: About this ^^^ [Facebook]

DROP THAT CLASS: Fresno State lecturer — with crazy eyes — arrested. [The Bee]

READ THIS: The teacher’s reviews from his students. [Rate My Professor]

YELP REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Vegetarian review of Doghouse Grill. [Yelp]

Responses to "Fres-Know: Our fake girlfriend is in great health, thanks for asking"

Bradley says:

Look at that list of shows for the Cadillac Club. Rock, Goth, Indie, Local, Metal — THAT’S how you book a club. Some folks could learn from this. Want more than 50 (25 paid) people in your venue? Stop booking 50 person draw acts. Think bigger.

ed says:

i saw that yelp review the other day and just laughed at it. seriously, who looks at that menu as a vegetarian and thinks, yes, this is where i should eat?

Heather says:

Hunh. Fresno seems really … white … in that Visitors Bureau ad.

Lisi says:

Hey, I know this is a fun site and all, but I know Chris and he is open and honest about his issues- part of the reason the department has kept him around. I hate to see someone who has such a constant struggle get made fun of.

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