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Bye-bye, Beehive

I don’t know how to start this blog post, so I’ll just blurt out the news: I’m leaving.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been writing for The Bee, and for much of that, The Beehive too. At the end of month, I’m starting a new chapter. I’ve taken a job with Yahoo! Sports, where I’ll be writing about Major League Baseball for their Big League Stew blog. My last day with The Bee is Jan. 31.

It’s a somewhat foreseeable conclusion, I suppose. If you look back at my first days in Fresno — oh, June 2002, how fun you were — I was a fresh-out-of-school hire for The Bee, who had only written about sports. The bosses took a chance on me and gave me an entertainment gig. The executive editor at the time, Charlie Waters, made me promise I wouldn’t try to angle for a sports job withinin the first six months.

Turned out, I loved my entertainment gig and the opportunity it gave to explore Fresno and the Central Valley. Along the way, The Beehive was born. It wasn’t long before this place was my baby. I loved the blogging platform, the Beehive team, the fun we had and the community we built. It won’t be easy to say goodbye. Between writing the posts, officiating the comment wars and organizing the parties, I’ve put more time into this site than anything in my professional life.

Because you’re probably wondering: No, I’m not leaving Fresno. At least in the foreseeable future. I’ll still be here, enjoying the jewels of our community, going to shows, eating tacos and seeing many of you loyal blog readers out and about. My radio show, Ozmosis, will continue too.

I don’t know how to end this post either. So if you’re reading this, I’ll just say thank you.

Responses to "Bye-bye, Beehive"

Hootz says:

Wow, brother. Your voice will be sorely missed. That being said, I’m incredibly proud of you, sir. Do it to it! GO TEAM GO!!!

mearepirate says:

that’s huge! congrats!

rick mirigian says:

Conrgrads..I dont think anyone will ever fill your shoes and you did an amazing job. You always made it even out there from a reporting and story angle and always could create a “buzz” on any topic and keep it right on the line so people could love or hate what was written. Congrads again an thanks for the decade!

Bianca Echeveste says:

You will be greatly missed!!! Thank you for such wonderful service to our community!

ed says:

wow. just wow. that’s big time. congrats, mike. there’s going to be a big hole left in the content of the bee & the beehive.

Nick Haas says:

Congratulations Mike! You’ve done a terrific job over the years and I couldn’t thank you more for what you’ve done for mentioning Blimprov and the kind words you’ve said over the years through this blog. Best of wishes at the new gig!

Delaine Zody says:

This is a big surprise. Not that you’re leaving, but that you are a sports writer at heart. Your entertainment pieces never gave you away.

All of us must move on to new adventures; I wish you well with your move and your adventures.

Judie Russell says:

I am really sad to see you leave Mike, but sometimes everybody needs a change of pace. Good luck with your new job!

Stephen says:

Horrible news for Fresno. Horrible news for the local music scene. Horrible news for The Beehive.

And since I’m selfish, I don’t care if this is great news for you.

The Bee obviously didn’t throw money at you to keep you, signalling another death knell symptom for The Bee.

I’ve lived here since 1985 and can easily say no one has done more for local music and musicians than you, Mike. This is a big loss, and just a month before The Rogue Fest.

And then there was one…lonely Donald Munro.

RL says:

Congrats Mike. Thank you for bringing such a valuable asset to our community.

Flavia Flores says:

Mike Oz,
Success in your new chapter. Thank you for all you have done for Fresno, and specially for helping putting P*DE*Q name out there!
I hope to see you around!
Warm regards,

Kiel says:

Congrats! I’m not too found of baseball so I will miss your writing.

Grimace says:

Thanks for your tireless efforts to promote local music and all the great events in Fresno over the last 10 years!!

Good luck with your new endeavors!!

Mark – LGB

Matt P. says:


Huge congratulations!

When I first read the heading, I was sad thinking I was later going to read about how you’re leaving Fresno behind. However, it’s great that you’ll still be around as a Fresnan, and that even Ozmosis will still be remain as well.

In this case, it’s a win-win: win for your carerre, as well as still a win for Fresno!

Thanks for everything you’ve contributed to us Mike. When I discovered Beehive years ago, it was single-handedly one of the main factors that helped me reverse my stigma of Fresno and having “nothing to do.”

Cheers sir.

Matt P. says:

Sorry for the type-o’s above:

“…Ozmosis will still remain as well”

“…win for your career…”


Joey Fernandez says:

Congratulations, Mike!
I am thrilled for you! Anytime a local makes such a big move I feel like a proud mama. Although that would be weird….
BUT again, you’ve been amazing to work with. You always handled yourself with professionalism and tact. You were the first to jump on Smog City Roller Grrls bandwagon and you carried us for years! For that alone, I’m grateful.
You always placed my stories in a positive light. You never balked at the content, at least not out loud.
You appeared at most of my events and/or promoted them. And you have been an asset to Fresno media for years.
I for one am very happy for your move. We definitely lost an amazing commodity here in Fresno but Yahoo just gained an excellent writer with passion and integrity.
Best Wishes!

floydy says:

congrads mike

Kristy says:

Happy for you, sad for me! Good luck!

melanie davis says:

Wow, Mike, we will miss you tremendously. Thank you for all you have done to spread the word about Twee and many other local businesses and events. You have made your mark on this community and have fought for Fresno.

Congratulations on the new gig. It will be fun to be able to continue to follow you and of course I know we’ll see you around.

Here’s to an awesome 2013!


Felix says:

Wow. Sorry to see you leave the Bee (they need all the good writers they can muster), but happy for your new endeavor in life. I really enjoyed your columns through the years and am sad for the local void you’ll be leaving. Congratulations on the new gig – I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park!

Heather says:

You just made some Fresno Bee commenters really happy. Shame on you.

Jason Farris says:

I’m excited for you… seriously well done!

Jason Farris says:

p.s. Go A’s

Bradley says:

Thank you for your consistent and genuine support of the local Fresno entertainment scene. I’m proud to have shown you your way around a mixer for your first DJ gig at After sessions (at the now-legendary 609 Grill), and I’m deeply grateful for your support of all the SonicFoundation (the Aftersessions, Focus, Nectar, Antidote parties, plus numerous one-offs) and Soulflower Group events (Soulful Sundays, What’s In My Record Bag, The Fresno Handmade Bazaar, plus our series of Tribute shows).

The success of those events was enhanced by your support, and our community was made better by your championing of local talent. Good luck to you at Yahoo! Sports.

Geanie says:

That is fantastic news! 2013 – the year of good changes! Thank you for working with me in the past. As all have said above, Fresno is loosing a strong, local voice and you will be missed. Good to hear that you and the family aren’t leaving town……yet ;-) Congratulations!!!

Veronica Stumpf says:

Thank you for over 10 years, of your time, investing in Fresno’s culture!

I was surprised to see you originally wrote about sports, as well. Congratulations on being able to go back to your roots!

Allwino says:

The Bee is losing one hell of a writer, entertaiment advocate, music aficionado, and all around great guy. Congrats on your new endavor, buddy!!

Jenny Toste says:

You’ll be missed! You’re such a great resource. Thanks for all you’ve done for Fresno. Congrats and good luck with the new gig!

@dollgina says:

Fresno will NOT be the same. You are an institution! Congratulations and good luck!

Chad says:

Wow, a true paradigm shift in Fresno. Times change, and the entertainment guard is now changing as well. Mixed with the down side of losing you as the voice of entertainment and support for Fresno and the Valley. Also happy and proud for you as I know it must be a great offer and opportunity for you and your family in the end.
Big shoes to fill for the Bee, and a lot of responsibility on the line for the next to step in them.
Congratulations, and I’m glad to hear you’ll still be in town and checking things out.

Matthew Schwartz says:

Wow. Congratulations. Well deserved. Forever appreciative of the support you give to the local music scene. You broadened the reach and shined the brighest spotlight on the talent to be found in the Central Valley.

@TravisSheridan says:

This is amazingly good news. I am so happy for you, Mike. You have paid your dues and put in long hours. You are a media professional and a journalist who deserves this opportunity. Thanks for letting use the Beehive to test bad jokes and show my love of Fresno!

Carlos Villar-Perez says:

So happy for you, Mike!!! I feel that most anything I write at this point is going to be a reiteration of what the commenters before me left, but I’ll say it anyways:

Very proud of you. You’re a great guy and loved throughout Fresno (as for your “haters” … well they clearer don’t know you). Sad to see you leave but happy for your new endeavor!!

Lisa Alvey says:

Congratulations Mike! Fantastic news, particularly the part that you are NOT leaving Fresno. Very cool.

I too am surprised that you are a sports writer at heart. I couldn’t tell by your writing, you did a fabulous job covering Fresno’s entertainment world.

Best of luck, I’m a huge baseball fan, so am looking forward to your new gig!

Conlan says:

Congrats, Mike. You’ll be missed in the blog’Nosphere. Except you won’t, because you’ll still be around. You can’t stay away. Best of luck at the new gig.

Kim Burly says:

You’ve done a lot of self esteem building for this community and through your words you’ve made it acceptable for Fresnans to outwardly love Fresno instead of just taking the beatdowns of our city. I’m glad you’ll be staying in town and I really look forward to following your new stuff!

allister cresswell says:

mike . which do you like more, sports or music? how will we know when up and coming acts come to valley like foster the people in visalia

Terri says:

Congrats Mike. It was a pleasure working with you on various projects and will miss your writing about the local happenings. As a life long Fresno resident who enjoys working and living here, I hope that someone will come along and pick up on your momentum and try to make this an even better community. Mighty big shoes to fill. I wish you and your family much success on your new journey.

559rell says:

Congratulations, Mike.
You’ve been good to us and for that, we are grateful.
I never knew sports was your thing before the entertainment gig.
We’ll miss the way you did things in the Fresno Bee, but you deserve whatever promotions in life you can afford yourself.
Take care and I’ll see you around.
Thanks for everything.

mdub420 says:

Congratulations Mike! Without out, I would have never spent so much time out of my day posting on this amazing site. The bee won’t be the same man. It just won’t. I thought the loss of Heather was tough, this is even tougher. My heart is hurting but at the same time I’m happy you are moving on to better things. Just another chapter in life that has to close someday. Much respect and I can’t wait to post on your yahoo articles. You’ll know who I am when you read the comments lol.

Go A’s, go Niners, go fake boob single baby momma Latinas for life!!!!!

Zizzo says:

Good for you, Mike! Nice gig and well-deserved. The Bee will miss you, but good for Fresno that you’re staying put. Best of luck!

Miles says:

Mike, thanks for all you have done for the local arts community. You helped various projects I was involved in get some local exposure. I really appreciated how you helped others. Best of luck with everything at Y! Sports.

Felicia Matlosz says:

Congratulations, Mike! I’ll always remember our days as mates in the Features Department and as fellow Beehivers. We sat across from each other and, one day, I asked you to teach me the ways of blogging. You were (are) a great teacher, and the Beehive turned out to be one of the funnest things I ever did. I know you’ll be a star in your new job. :-)

Mike Zaremba says:

Congads and great news! New chapters are always fun!

Thank you for all of your hard work over the years.

It’s great to see all the time and effort you put in paid off.

Best of luck!

Eric Field says:

…in the world of cyber-writing (on pretty much anything) it’s very rare that you meet someone who’s the same -even-keeled- yet passionate individual on the keys as in real life.

-you’ve exceeded that…
You’ve been a tremendously fair writer on anything you’ve tackled… You’re knowledgeable, you have your opinions without being biased, you’re passionate about your points without being destabilized to becoming just another bark in a very very noisey yard.

In Person? You’re a very decent guy…
I’ll never forget, how, back when I used to write so much more,
-at time with perspectives that we did not agree on,
-how you, at a concert, (my arm in sling post-surgery,) you smiled, shook my (good) hand, were a total sweetheart, ….first thing you do, beside saying hi, was ‘…what happened to your arm, are you okay…’
That was huge.

I’m glad your career is progressing… you’re now a bona-fide family man, you’ve certainly cut your teeth… and you’ve worked hard, and have earned the respect of myself (and a lot of others,)

…and don’t tell nobody,
-but every once in a while, I break out with some ‘urban’ tunage that I’d have never tried, were it not for your suggestions, and the word ‘hella’ is now in my lexicon…

You’re a Good man, Mike… always have been… It was a pleasure to be a part of this plateau from time to time.
Thank you for your service and caring…
You did awesome.

bless you and your beautiful little family.

keep on rockin’


karma says:

wow mike!
congrats on the new gig!
i’m really happy for you (even though i don’t follow that much baseball.)
super glad you are going to be sticking around fresno!
thank you for all that you’ve done in our community

DaneSanger says:

Congrats & much thanks, Mike!

luvlyrta says:

Congratulations! Wow, Yahoo! Sports is big time!
You are such a huge part of the Beehive; what a loss, but still excited for you. I’m sure I’ll be reading Yahoo! again – haha *that’s* been forever – and sports to boot! See, you’re actually broadening all of our horizons :D
(I hate that this will probably be good news for your haters, though … boooo)

Magnus says:

Congrats! Much deserved! Thanks for all of your hard work that you’ve put in for Fresno and making it a fun community to be a part of. On to the next one!

Ryan Jones says:

Fresno really is a better place because of your presence. You’ll be missed, buddy, but of course you’ll kick ass wherever you end up. Congrats and good luck man.

Greg Schoenwald says:


Amelia Ryan says:

Congratulations! Your input on the local scene will be missed. And we still don’t have an IKEA.

blake says:

first selfish reaction: Dang. Crap-a-doodle-doo…THEN:…SUPER BIG CONGRATS to you and your family—it MUST be a super opportunity to do something you love and that’ll be good for your, so : right on.

To recap: (and really, it can’t be thought of as brown-nosing so you’ll mention our gig in the paper, cuz you’re leaving soon….[but we still have one January gig to go....Sunday, the 20th, Food Not Bombs benefit and all...geez, you don't expect me to change, do ya?)]——
But seriously Mister Mike Osegueda.
I have never known a local writer of the local popular music world to spend so much time *actually* getting his tennis shoes dirty on *actual* club floors to cover his beat.
Thank you so much for the constant support and enthusiasm you’ve shown the local music scene. EVEN for the meetings [sometimes fruitful, sometimes not] that you attended with no credit given for your advisory capacity, valuable opinion giving…etc. re: local Big Ideas (that sometimes popped, but sometimes fizzled)
You’ve always been real.
You’ve never been a snob.
You’ve taken the criticism that comes with the job with a great sense of humor.
—–As just one in a pack of local music persons, I can not thank you enough.

God bless you and your family.
Hope to bump into you at some local event soon.

laura splotch says:

wow! great news for you, mike…and your family!!! what an exciting thing to have happen. my only question is; are they taking applications for your old job at the bee??? i’d love to throw my hat in the ring!!! haha.
now who do i tag in my flyers??? the big show is coming in may….

Bryan Harley says:

Congrats Mike, I’ll be reading over at Yahoo! Sports. The Bee definitely has some big shoes to fill!

JJJJ says:

Huge loss for the Bee. Bets of luck.

scott rader says:

that’s totally cool, good luck. My question is why can’t you still write the occasional blog here, not to say writing is easy, but hey, some of these things probably don’t take you more than 10 minutes to hammer out, right? I vote for you to do both.
Oh also, if the people that respond to your yahoo posts don’t like them (see Maggie Hendricks of the Yahoo sports UFC blogging arena), be prepared for a barrage of haters.

Anna Jacobsen says:

Congrats Mike! Glad to hear you’re staying in town.

stevecrozz says:

Good luck with your new gig, Mike. I wish you and the rest of the newsroom staff all the best.

Kyle Lowe says:

Wow. Congratulations, Mike! I will miss your music and taco posts a whole lot.

Aren Hekimian says:


It’s very rare to have someone whose not born and raised somewhere to have as much passion as you did for the community. Thank you for being a friend and caring so much about the music scene. congratulations on the new job. Yahoo is lucky to have someone like you on board. Cheers to the next chapter of your professional career.

Alisa says:

This is exciting, Mike! Your Bee and Beehive presence will surely be missed, but you have over a decade of work to be very proud of. Your dedication, hard work, and positive influence on this community goes way past most of our own knowledge. I have learned a lot from you and admire you greatly! If you want me to help you put a music video together for your exit, you know how to find me :-) Best wishes in your next adventure!

Peter Robertson says:

Mike Oz: Miss you already. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors! BEE good! pr

Brad says:

Mike, you will be GREATLY missed!
Your voice has been hugely important for entertainment in Fresno and your leaving will mean a big loss for local entertainment news.
Sincere thanks for your efforts and contributions.
Very sorry to see you leaving but wishing you all the best in your new endeavors.

Terra M says:

Really, really sad to see you leave the Bee but I’m excited about your new opportunity! Thank you for exposing me to new stuff to do in and around Fresno. :D

Kristin Goehring says:

Saying you will be missed is an understatement. I appreciate everything you have done for the Fresno community. I hope you are as well-loved in your new arena as you were here. I look forward to Ozmosis every week & I’ll continue to stalk those playlists, even from New York.


marcel says:

Good luck in the new adventure, Mike. You are a huge part of getting the folk of this city hep to the culture we really have… and was hidden for too long. Cheers!

bryan medina says:

truly a sad day for Fresno’s music and more scene. you will be missed, bro! the good thing tho’ is that you’re leaving the bar set high, with fairly large shoes to fill. now, take that new job and run with it… and if we see one another and we have some time, I got your first order of rico tacos from a taco truck!

Cheers & Good luck Mike!

Linda Descoteaux says:

Mike, I’ve really enjoyed your down-to-earth, heart-felt columns telling us what’s good about Fresno. May your career bring you much fulfillment.

Steve Ono says:

You’ve done great work here, Mike. You have helped Fresno begin to shed its musical inferiority complex. Congratulations on your new gig.

Carole Gostanian says:

If you do for Yahoo Sports what you did for The Bee Entertainment section you’ll have great fun in your new job. Fresno performers and venues will miss the news you provided for them. And the taco trucks will miss you too!!

Katie P. says:

congrats on your new adventure. i hope it’s everything you dreamed of and more! I didn’t know you were a sports writer either, but a true talented writer can write about anything and have it be amazing, and you, sir, are very talented. Just wanted to say thank you as well for all the work you’ve done and for supporting Fresno so much and for pointing out all the good aspects of this place, despite all the haters. You really have helped the music scene so much AND helped advertise all the awesome events going on here in the city, especially the places that probably wouldn’t have gotten much notice had it not been for you. I’ve been reading your columns since high school and watching out for the Post No Bills every weekend. Good luck with everything and thanks for always speaking up for the underdog. :)

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