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A rose is a rose is a badge of honor

It’s easy to sit at home and make fun of how competitors on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” get so excited about getting a flower during the Rose Ceremony. It’s very different when you are in one of the actual ceremonies.

During the recent TV Critics tour, members of the press were invited to a party at the house — miles outside Los Angeles — that has been the location for numerous editions of the ABC competition series. It was a chance to talk with past competitors such as Jake Pavelka, Courtney Robertson and Trista Rehn Sutter along with the current “Bachelor” Sean Lowe.

As part of the evening, 13 members of the press — seven women and six men — were selected to go through a Rose Ceremony. Since every rose has a thorn, I was selected to be part of the event.

Lowe’s no fool. He quickly picked the women to get the first roses. Then he began to select the man.

Suddenly, what seemed like a harmless event to have some fun became a serious competition. As the number of men dwindled and I was still left standing, every bad memory of junior high and high school dances came flooding back. What was once a wallflower had become a red rose.

It wasn’t as if the interviews would end should Lowe not hand me a rose, but the event had become a matter of pride. Four men left. Three. And, then two.

There we stood like the two last guys to get selected for a pick-up basketball game. One would be a winner. The other would be forever known as the loser of the press tour. Lowe looked back and forth, the same ploy he uses on the show so that the loser of the week doesn’t see the end coming.

Lowe paused and then said, “Rick.”

Oh, joy. For a few seconds, I was not a loser. Then I realized only a loser would get so competitive about a fake rose ceremony. But, I was a loser with a rose.

Responses to "A rose is a rose is a badge of honor"

Bethany Clough says:

I’m so happy for you, Rick! How exciting. ;)

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