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2012: The Beehive Year in Review

Yes, we’re halfway into the first month of 2013 — but I realized I forgot to do one of these Beehive Year in Review posts. I swear it’s the last looking-back-at-2012 post I’ll write. If I didn’t do this post, though, how would you know which contests you entered the most and which commenters are still in our “top 10?” See. You’re welcome.

So without further ado — unless you want me to drag this out another 14 days — here are the most read and most commented Beehive posts of 2012, along with our most prolific commenters.

Whether you’re on the list or not, thanks to everyone who participates in the site, either by reading and responding, sharing links with your friends or even grumbling to yourself about what we write. You’re all appreciated.

# of posts: 1,673 | # of comments 8,388

1. Concert News: Big Fresno Fair 2012
2. R.I.P. Corby Yates, guitar prodigy
3. ValleyWho: The bracket is revealed
4. R.I.P. Brent Walton, QN4U owner and barbecue champ
5. Meet Krispy Kreme, the hottest rapper of 2012
6. Conan O’Brien responds to Mayor Swearengin (spoiler: there’s a dead cow involved)
7. Bet you weren’t as psyched as Chris Colfer about his film playing in Fresno
8. New Eats: Tako BBQ — another Fresno food truck!
9. Did They Just Say Fresno? Conan will save us from bankruptcy
10. KFSN’s Kevin Musso cited for DUI

1. Grammys 2012: The Live Blog
2. R.I.P. Corby Yates, guitar prodigy
3. ValleyWho: Game Central
4. What are the five eateries someone new to Fresno should try immediately?
5. R.I.P. Brent Walton, QN4U owner and barbecue champ
6. Worst Flier of the Week: Vol. 30
7. Best sandwich in the Central Valley?
8. CAPTION THIS: Scribble No. 022
9. KMJ, Rush Limbaugh, conspiracy theories and reaction to the reaction
10. 7Qs #11: Kopi

1. You can win tickets to see ‘The Avengers’
2. Win tickets to see Drake tonight
3. Win tickets to see The Black Keys
4. Win Big Fresno Fair concert tickets
5. Win tickets to the Fresno premiere of ‘Parental Guidance’
6. You can win tickets to ‘Twilight’ screening
7. Win tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias
8. Win tickets to Jackie Evancho
9. You can win tickets to see ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’
10. Win tickets to Kevin James and Ray Romano

1. Stephen
2. Kevin
3. Ray Arthur
4. kiel
5. PK
6. ed
7. Blake
8. Danielle
9. Christy
10. JJJJ

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Responses to "2012: The Beehive Year in Review"

ed says:

i’m curious how this list will look next year in comparison to this year or other previous years due to the pay wall issue.

overall, glad the beehive is doing well and you’re seeing a good amount of visits.

Kiel says:

From 8th in 2011 to 4th in 2012? I thought I’d been commenting less.

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