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Dueling downtown taco shops

Downtown Fresno has some taco shop drama. Two taco shops within a block of a each with nearly identical names are confusing customers.

It all started with Chris Meat Market — you know, the one everybody calls Chris’s Meat Market, even though there’s no apostrophe or extra “s” in there.

That business moved from its longtime Kern Street location near Highway 99 a block away to 1342 Tulare St., taking over the former Come and Get It Chicken and Waffles location. With the new location, Chris Meat Market added tables and ditched the meat counters.

Meanwhile, another business took over its old space at 1323 Kern St., putting up handwritten signs that say “Cris Meat Market.” Same name, just minus the letter “h”.

That’s not sitting well with the original Chris Meat Market. It’s confusing, says hostess Maria Gonzalez.

“We’ve been having a lot of complaints from our customers,” she says.

The owner of Cris Meat Market, Alex Cervantes, said he sees nothing wrong with his business name. Everybody knows the location by that name, he said.

And he’s now the true meat market, he says. The business has counters selling chorizo, pigs feet and other meat.

“They don’t have the meat and they don’t have the market,” he says.

Furthermore, he says he’s a little irked at Chris Meat Market because its owners have people handing out fliers near his door and sign twirlers on the corner directing people a block away.

Responses to "Dueling downtown taco shops"

Kiel says:

La Elegante will destroy them both!

Beth says:

Sounds like the owner of the new place is a clueless d***!

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

I believe that the orginal Chris Meats has a legit gripe. Because that original location everybody in town knows it at Chris. So the new owner of Cris is pigybacking on the rep of the previous owner…wack move in my book. But I do agree with Kiel….La Elgante will kill them both……

ed says:

i didn’t know that chris’s had going back to being chris meat market instead of april or whatever it had become. obviously, i have not been there in a while.

Ryan says:

I’d like to use this opportunity to formally announce my new Chinatown ventures: Kris Meet Market and Criss Meat Mark It.

The Real Dave says:

maybe alex meat market was too difficult to spell?

Moni Munoz says:

Where is La Elgante located? Need to check this place out with all this hype!

Kern St. between E and F.

Michael says:

Maybe the Chris Meat Market controversey will propell Ruth’s Chris to to move Downtown. :)

Donald Munro says:

Comment win.

Bethany Clough says:


Cha Cha says:

No matter how he spells the “Name” you will know your in the wrong place once your there….

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