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Fresnans have lots to say about a downtown public market

Opinions are flying across the internet today about a potential public market downtown. Fresno could have its own version of Seattle’s Pike Place Market — with an emphasis on locally produced food — if these plans get off the ground.

You can read today’s front page story about the idea here. In the meantime, check out some of the tweets and comments on the story by some riled-up folks. (Parking is once again a hot topic issue.)

So what do you think, Fresnans? Would a public market downtown work? Would you go? What would you like to see?

Responses to "Fresnans have lots to say about a downtown public market"

Kiel says:

One of the great things about the Gottschalk’s Building location is that it is connected to the Spiral Parking Garage. Make that garage free parking with purchase from the market. That would be a perfect solution.

Jordan says:

Kiel for Mayor!

Dennis says:

I would love to see the public market come to Fresno. I frequently went to the “Farmers Market” before it closed down.

Jennifer Hunter says:

If it were done in the style of Seattle or Pittsburgh, I think it would be a great success.. as long as they city or some greedy developer (I’m looking at YOU GV Urban), didn’t find a way to ruin things… We’d also have to get the northsiders to get over their silly fears about downtown…

MG says:

Smh! GV is the only one sticking their neck out and Jennifer wants to call them greedy. I don’t work for them but understand real estate.

JJJJ says:

Sticking their neck out? They are a for profit business seeking a profit. Theyre not sticking their neck out anymore than Mcdonalds. Want to see what GV is up to now? Read the enw Bee article about how theyre growing full speed ahead with the new millerton town by building a college up there.

Angela says:

I’m wondering how the business of the current downtown farmers market located next to Broadway studios will be affected. Could they be incorporated into this new public market? Many of those people have been out there selling fresh local produce since I was a kid and I’d hate to see there livelihoods affected negatively.

william says:

That would be the most amazing thing to happen downtown since the grizzlies!

Karen says:

My family and I would regularly go to a public market. I think this would be a great additive to downtown!

Jesse says:

I was born and raised in Fresno and recently moved away to DC (But I’ll be back!). They have several markets here that are amazing. I feel that their style would fit in a place like downtown fresno. One key element is getting many people in North Fresno to embrace local business and culture. A cool place here is kind of new and it’s called Union Market
And another that’s been around for years is Eastern Market This is one is both outdoor and indoors and has an awesome feel to it. Would love to see these kinds of places in DTF.

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