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Life’s a diamond jubilee for Mariah Carey

One of the most interesting moments in the TV Critics winter press tour was getting the chance to see the world that is Mariah Carey. She showed up with the other judges for the next edition of “American Idol.”

Considering the number of diamonds the singer was wearing, it was probably easy to pick her up on satellite images. Not only was she wearing earrings, a HUGE necklace and bracelets covered in more diamonds the number of sequins on a country singer’s jacket, she was wearing a ring so big it had to have had its own gravitational field.

No one was going to get near the walking jewelry store as Carey was surrounded by guards so big they blocked the sun. It would have taken a bulldozer to move these guys.

And then, while Carey was taking to critics, there was someone standing to the side who would reach over and brush Carey’s hair out of her eyes. You know you’ve made it when you have a Hair Mover.

She might have looked like a diva, but Carey was very honest with her comments. She got a little emotional when talking about her childhood and the musical acts that influenced her.

“I grew up in a household where everything was I heard everything. My mom’s an opera singer, and she made her debut at Lincoln Center. She was always singing. And that’s how she first knew that I had an ear for music, but my brother and sister, who are older than me, were always listening to R&B constantly. Stevie Wonder. We heard Al Green in my house night and day. Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin,” Carey says. “There’s a lot of favorites. I love a lot of gospel singers, the Clark Sisters. Our favorite was Kim Burrell.

“There are so many singers who I admire. I also love a lot of rock music that my brother played when I was a little kid. So it’s fun sometimes when we’re sitting here and we’re, like, oh, yeah, I remember that song.”

The song’s she probably remembered during the interview was “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

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