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A look at the new Charlotte’s

If opening day is any indication, Charlotte’s BakerEatery will be a hit in its new spot. The lunch crowds filled the space, and the shop ran out of bread, says Charlotte’s co-owner Susan Rocha. Not bad.

In case you haven’t stopped by yet, here are a few photos.

1. Charlotte’s still doesn’t have a real sign, so this does in a pinch:

2. Look up, close to the ceiling, for menus:

3. The coffee bar isn’t yet done. In the coming months, expect espresso and smoothie machines. Coffee comes from Fabiano’s:

4. Unlike the old shop, the new Charlotte’s has lots of seating. Currently, the art on the walls is from local artist Iris Duarte’s Fig Tree exhibition, Rocha says.

5. This piano hints at live music, during upcoming events called “Bread and Jam,” Rocha says.

Missing from the photos are the cupcakes I bought. I ate them, then remembered the camera. Oh, well.

Responses to "A look at the new Charlotte’s"

This makes me so happy! And, of course you ate the cupcakes first! ;-)

Stephen says:

At Patrick Contreras’ Tower show, they were selling thier cupcakes for $1 apiece.

I bought $10, to share.

I promise I only ate 3.

note: i would have eaten more, but the other folks snatched up the red velvet’s quicker than i could deliver them.

Joan Obra says:

But of course. :)

Joan Obra says:

Ah, Red Velvet cupcakes. I wish Charlotte’s had them yesterday!

kiel says:

I’ve been a long time fan of Charlotte’s. I think the new spot to Tower’s main drag and added seating will be great for them.

Though, it does put them in more direct competition with Piedmonte’s. I hope both can survive and thrive.

Cindy says:

My co-workers and have been coming from downtown to get Charlotte’s for lunch for a long time. We think the new location is great, with lots of tables, much more space, and still the best sandwiches in town!

Iris Duarte says:

I have been going to Charlottes for years.
I am grateful to the owners for allowing me to display my artwork there.
It is all for sale. My website is
if anyone is interested in more information.
The food is great, now it’s bigger and plenty of room to sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere.
I know I will be going even more often for my favorite sandwich.
Iris Duarte