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Let the burger wars begin


In my last post about River Park restaurants, burgers were on everybody’s minds. There was much excitement about Five Guys Burgers & Fries taking over Johnny Rockets’ old spot. And we speculated about competition between Habit, the upcoming Eureka!Burger, In-N-Out and Five Guys.

Bee reporter Bethany Clough wondered “if the burger places even consider other burger places competition.”

The answer arrived today, in the form of a press release announcing the August 9 opening of Eureka:

“There are a lot of restaurants out there serving burgers, but we take it a few steps further by creating an atmosphere and menu that make guests of all ages want to stay, hang out and visit multiple times per week,” said Paul Frederick, managing partner of Eureka!Burger. “Eureka!Burger separates itself from The Habits and Five Guys Burger & Fries of the world by offering 11 gourmet burger selections, six terrific ‘meal salads’, nine flat screens for sports entertainment, a full bar featuring artisan beers and liquors together with great music. Although food is our number one passion, our restaurant is designed for far more than just a food experience.”

Kinda interesting that they directly addressed their competitors, no? Like I said, let the burger wars begin.

[photo of the turkey cobb burger at Eureka!Burger]

Responses to "Let the burger wars begin"

parkbench says:

I think Anthony Bourdain described establishments such as this quite nicely: TGI McFunsters.

Team Five Guys.

Bryan Harley says:

Team Five Guys!!!

chukknob says:

So the average burger at Eureka is $8.95, fries are $2.95, and a fountain drink at $1.95. Add tax and you’ve just eaten a $15 dollar meal. That’s probably not bad for dinner but for lunch that’s a tad high unless it’s just amazingly good.

Deli Delicious by Fresno State makes a great burger with fries and a drink for about $10. That’s more in line to me. I guess I shall taste and see.

Kevin B says:

When can Fresno get The Counter?????

tari pie says:

The menus look interesting. Particularly, the build your own at the Counter. However, I’d rather see a Burger war of Local establishments. Any Local favorites out there?

Pook says:


May the best beef merchant prevail.


George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Looking forward to trying these new places…how about that SAUSAGE place in Fig Garden you told us about…when is that to open. The biggest burger I have seen lately was at PISMOS…

Sawyer says:

Eureka Burger blows away The Counter, the Counter has no pulse … just a “build your own burger” gimmick

Obed G says:

I’m an In-N-Out type of guy.
Really good and very affordable.

Matt says:

A burger battle royale (with cheese) means everyone wins.

Kassandra says:

I can’t see myself spending 15 bucks for a burger meal…that’s why I never ate at Johnny Rockets. I’m an In-N-Out girl…very yummy and affordable for the family.

Paige says:

I just moved from Redlands to Los Angeles and they have a Eureka Burger there as well, and it’s DELICIOUS! Super fun gastro pub meets great burger bar! Can’t wait to get one here in LA!!

Mark says:

I was on a road trip up north and stumbled upon this joint and was pleasantly surprised how cool it was. I was able to pull over and have a great meal and craft brew when all my other options were fast food. I hope this is trend in offering great food while on the go! Eureka! They have struck GOLD!

Robert says:

The average burger price of $9 includes fries too, fresh handcut. For lunch the price w a drink should be $11. BTW, i went to a Eureka Burger on the way to Palm Springs form Fresno, this place is super cool…great rock n roll tunes, awesome service, FRESNO should be stoked they landed here! See you soon

ROB+IN says:

Joan, what about Red Robin? Don’t forget, it’s right there too.
Whiskey River Burger is sooooooooooo good.

Joey Pauline says:

As a business owner that neighbors the soon to be Eureka!Burger my team @ TheLaundryRoom couldn’t have more “!” in our anticipation of their opening. These guys are legit. As the “Burger Wars” begin; Eureka! will be swift with their sword of cool, strong with their arsenal of burgers & beers, and will surely be the new reigning King Of Burgers in Fresno.

All Hail Eureka!

Michaelkendo says:

The great thing about Eureka is that the managing partner is from Fresno and spends a large portion of his time here, so in a sense it is a local restaurant.

Michaelkendo says:

5 guys and In-n-Out are great if you want the best fast food experience. They can’t hang with Eureka when it comes to a gourmet food selection, ambiance, music, patio etc. It’s the full dining experience, and best yet, it’s burgers! Can’t wait for the opening.

david says:

My counter experience was very simply “average” i tried building my own burger but call me old fashion i prefer to pick from a list of gourmet burgers…
Innout rocks for fast food but i hit up Eureka on the way to the desert and mashed on some great food and had a great orange beer (dont remember the name)
Im a sport guy so whomever has the best food and most TV’s wins… money is on Eureka

d1anastasia says:

For value and overall taste, we love Habit. Our family of six were regulars at Red Robin (at 60-70.00 per trip) and now we are blissful at Habit for about half the cost. True, a Red Robin burger is a BIG sloppy giant, but I just don’t know that it’s worth the extra cost. As far as atmosphere, sure Habit isn’t a rock and roll haven, but I’m okay with that.

Jen says:

Colorado Grill deserves to be on the local list as the best burger around! It’s not always about atmosphere, for some of us it’s about taste.

Gail says:

We had our own burger wars and “The Habit” got the most votes. My personal favorite is the Beerock Shop’s….

Linda says:

Treat yourself to a delicious “build your own burger” at Neighbor’s in Clovis. S/E corner of Fowler & Nees. $9.00 with your choice of either fries or sweet potato fries or salad or yummy mac & cheese. Good food & friendly service.

penny poage says:

Give me In and Out any day of the week

4bluescats says:

Fat Jacks has the BEST hamburgers anywhere! Everything else pales in comparison.

Russ says:

For the burger wars, my money is on Colorado Grill and The Beerock Shop. Some of the best burgers you’ll every find, and the service is warm and friendly. Ali is the greatest!

MC says:

I love the Counter. In my opinion, it can’t be beat! Plus, they always have few specials if you can’t decide how to “build your own.”

Sorry, but none of these joints in Fresno can hold a pail of special sauce to Tom’s in Lompoc, Calif. near Vandenberg AFB.

An “Institution” in it’s own right, the place is known as “The Home of the Educated Hamburger” that offers 26 different varieties — all the letters in the alphabet — from “A”, A plain hamburger to “Z”, which is “Zest at it’s Best”; a FIVE pound hamburger.

Jim LaMar says:

“Any Local favorites out there?”
“My personal favorite is the Beerock Shop’s….”

I second these motions! If you can do without the “ambience & full dining experience” (AKA: noise, techie toys, cookie-cutter decor, and martinet hospitality) and want a great tasting classic burger, made from fresh, local, non-frozen ingredients, with a choice of several original “just like homemade” sides (as well as fries – good ones, not greasy, not flavorless paste), the ONLY place is the BEEROCK SHOP! (Really, Fresnans, where’s your sense of “local” and “original”? A franchise? … sheesh, why not just change the city name to “Chainburg” or “Lemmingville”!?!)

Rachel says:

A cheeseburger, fries And a drink for $5.18. In N Out is the best, no doubt ((:

Rick says:

I LOVE burgers. Colorado’s Chili Cheese is world-class. Other great ones are Knuckleburger(stuffed with cheese/bacon) at the Harley shop in Modesto, Nation’s Giant Burger in the Bay area and Apple Pan Hichory Burger in West L.A.

M. Peterson says:

Colorado Grill is the BOMB! They’ll make a mind boggling huge 8 patty monster if you want to go for Guiness Book of Records style excess or for sheer over the top artery filling deliciousness try the bacon and egg burger, nothing else like it anywhere.

Marsha Conant says:

The BEST Burger is at the Beerock Skop in NW Fresno! Corner of Bullard and West! Family owned, hand shaped meat and great french fries!

Pezz says:

“Burger wars” this title really cracks me up since most people want their burger simple with no frills and cheap hence thats why the McDonalds still rule when it comes to burgers, don’t get me wrong I know they are no where near the best but look at the facts and listen to what your kids say when the pass those McDonalds on every other corner. As for me the the everyday guy I want a burger thats big and cheap, but also comes with fries and a big drink so my top three 1. Dari Delite at Gettysburg and Cedar does not look like much but boy do they have a great burger deals and the food is great! 2. In n Out nuff said! 3. Fat Jacks great food,great place, and great prices! At none of these places will you ever pay more than $9.00 for a burger,fries,and a drink!

pineridgepat says:

I don’t eat beef burgers that often, avoiding the ol’ high cal thing, you know. Most of the time it’s a turkey burger from Irene’s, in the Tower, when I get a burger craving. It’s healthy, lower cal and really good. I’ve had the Habit burger once and their veggie burger too. Both were delish. Love sweet potato fries but don’t indulge in fries of any kind that often, (see above.) It will be interesting to watch the outcome of the burger wars, but knowing how most folks love their burgers; I think all burger joints will come out winners. I bet Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutri-Systems might benefit from the burger explosion as well.

Mutley says:

Fancy burgers come and go. I started eating In-N-Out in 1953 and the quality never wavers. Now-a-days we can have In-N-Out in places like Needles and Blythe, not to mention all over Phoenix.

While living in Azusa in the 50′s and 60′s, working nights in La La land, I stopped off I-10 across the Freeway from In-N-Out University, pulled into the drive-thru once a week to have dinner on the way to work. Standard order was 4 burgers with onions, 1 fry, medium cola. Here in Fresno County we try to get to one the stores at least once a month.

FresnoDick says:

Colorado Grill is my number one right now. I ate at 5 Guys in Huntsville AL last summer, and look forward to trying it in Fresno. They make their fries out of potatoes, not out of a frozen bag. I’d like to see Nation’s come here (try it if you go through Tracy). They make the kind of burgers other places show in pictures but can’t really match on the plate.

Patsy Gomez says:

WOW ! I can’t wait, If they are having a war then how about a price war????? Let’s all benifit from the new commers and let them have their day in the spot light. Monday: Eureka!Burger Tuesday: In-n-Out wed: Habit thur: Colorado Grill friday:Five Guys Burgers & Fries And on Saturday at noon: PISMOS Then on Saturday night we vote for the best : show your reciept and if the one you chose wins you get your money back!!!That would be a great contest plus it will let Fresno residents enjoy the new they havent tried and support the old ===they need the support in this economy.

Rick the ScienceMann says:

Very interesting. This will be great for Fresno. I look forward to trying them all. Too bad we can’t get a Steak ‘n Shake here too.

Rick the ScienceMann says:

As the competition begins,it will be necessary to have a standard by which to judge all others. I think In n Out should be that standard. To keep things interesting, should the big fast food factories be included?

DaveW says:

Haven’t been in a while, but Triangle Drive-In on Belmont just west of 99 has been a local gem for good reasonably priced burgers for years. We liked Irene’s in the Tower at one time, but they seemed to have gone downhill and haven’t been back, anyone tried them lately?

Agree with Jim LaMar about Beerock Shoppe.

Joyce says:

Yeah, I know my 5 year old grandson and 8 year old granddaughter are gonna be sucked in by the 9 flat screen tvs displaying sports (no SpongeBob?)and those artisan beers and liquors are just right up the alley of their designated driver too.

KBD says:

I can’t believe no one has mentioned the cheddar burger from the Cosmo on G Street in downtown. Hands down, the best burger in Fresno.

Chad says:

Value for taste I still think the Turkey Burger at Red Robin is GREAT! Habit does a great job of a grown up In-n-out with a big patty and fair price.

Best burger…Logans! Just the basic burger, that’s it. Just tear a piece of meat off and taste it by itself, it proves to be the best flavor and just straight forward, real meat.

Leif says:

In N out is great. But it’s cheap because you aren’t paying for atmosphere (your car)or selection (got a vegetarian in your group?)or drinks (Coke or Diet?).

Redlands Eureka has the best beer selection outside of LA and I hear Fresno will have more taps. You can’t wash down a double double with a Pliny the Elder while watching a World Cup Game in HD.

Big and Bold says:

Make mine a “Squeeze with Cheese,” please… The ONLY burger in the valley…

Bret says:

I agree with Rick. Nations Giant burger is the BEST Burger of all time. The one in Concord has been around so long the patina on the grill gives the burgers amazing flavor, plus the host an assortment delicious homemade pies for desert. I sent numerous emails to them to open one up in Fresno but to no avail.

Jack Nash, they knew me as Kirk! says:

I used to eat at Tom’s in 1979. Burgers were
always GREAT, But brothers,(JACKS) omlets
were FANTASTIC!!! Especially, Cream beef!
I do miss those times, and my wife as well.
Thank you for the wonderful memories!!!!! KIRK!