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Open Thread: Election Day 2012

Yo, America! Democracy is in action today, as we all head to the polls to cast our votes on Election Day.

Since freedom is the order of the day, I’m not trying to steer this blog ship too much. Feel free to talk about whatever you want in the comments — describe your voting experience,  share cool links, talk about what issues you’re passionate about. It’s totally up to you.

To get us started, here are a number of resources from The Bee and the web, everything from how to find your polling place to profiles of candidates to recommendations from The Bee’s opinion pages. So if you still need to get informed, there’s plenty to read below. Happy bubble filling!

Responses to "Open Thread: Election Day 2012"

Here’s a video that might be going viral soon: A voting machine in PA changing votes

Bubbles FTW!

blake says:

I would just say, please vote for Prop.30. Public Education is operating on a skeleton crew at all levels. It needs funding. Please find it in your heart to vote ‘yes’ on this one.
(I’d mention Measure B as well, but *everyone* is voting ‘yes’ on this one, right?)

wienzer says:

Kony wasn’t even on the ballot in my area. All that early campaigning for nothing!

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