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Are you leaving Fresno?

Rough economic times always force folks in search of greener pastures. And this fascinating map from shows us where those pastures are.

Unfortunately, they’re not in Fresno. Look at Fresno County, below. Red lines indicate people who left in 2008, while black lines show folks who moved here:


Now, look at Travis County in Texas, home to Austin:


You’ll notice that major Texas cities do pretty well here, leading the AtlanticWire to ponder why people are moving to Texas.

At least one local business is following the trend. Craig and Gena Kirby, founders of parenting resource center Mommy Matters, are leaving Fresno for Austin.

As the economy crumbled, their north Fresno brick-and-mortar store closed, and the business has since moved online — allowing the Kirbys to work anywhere. Their tentative plan: organize their web presence according to geography. Fresno resources will be grouped together, while Austin resources will be in another section. (Expect to see a lot more content on the site in the next few weeks, Craig Kirby says.)

The Kirbys, who also are former restaurant managers, set their sights on Texas because its major metro cities are doing better than ones in California.

As Mommy Matters gets established as an online entity, Craig Kirby plans to bring in some cash as a server in upscale restaurants. And in that industry, Austin has a lot more opportunities than Fresno, he says.

So, what about you? Are you planning to leave Fresno? Or do you know someone else who is?

Responses to "Are you leaving Fresno?"

brittney says:

i have in fresno for all my 23 years of life. but i have feeling that its time to move on. I want to work in politics so i have been looking for jobs around DC. people are moving to texas because its a example of how a state should be run instead of CA which is pretty much screwed.

steve says:

i’m not moving unless i get a job offer elsewhere. housing in fresno is no longer cheap and if you can stand the heat here, you can take a place like austin, too. austin seems to have much better growth prospects, more new jobs.

erica says:

It is hard because it seems like in terms of housing and job prospects there are much better choices than Fresno. However, family is here and this is my home and I can’t imagine leaving. I so wish we could have the same opportunities here.

S. Ryan says:

I left Fresno.. although wasn’t initially by choice. My ex, Heather Fystrom, decided to drop me like a hot rock. Thus, back in Southern Oregon.. although truth be told, had she not done that, I probably wouldn’t have stayed anyway. Nothing really against Fresno but, not a place I think I wanted to ever call ‘home’ unfortunately.

I just wish the Fresno Grizzlies were closer. :)

Stephen says:

I’m Tom Cruise in ‘Born on the 4th…’

Fresno! Love it or leave it, man…love it or leave it…

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Yes, Fresno is my home, yes I love Fresno, but at the same time, there are things that I hate about Fresno. the only real reason why I stay is because as an RN, and cost of living and jobs opps can’t be beat in Cali. Healthcare is always a strong job area. But I feel this city is not business friendly, not progressive enough, Fresno is the largest ag based city in the world and that’s great, but we need more. We really dropped the ball on not getting the UC campus here. Seems like the people here don’t put emphasis on higher education, and the ones that do end up leaving anyways. We need to put money and effort into educating our kids and bringing jobs here.

BryaninSF says:

Am I leaving Fresno? I already have. And Stephen, my old friend, it’s not so much a love-it-or-leave-it so much as it’s a love-it-til-it-doesn’t-love-you-back. Time came for me and the bf to get the hell out of Dodge because it didn’t love me/us back. Not exactly a new sentiment on here but it’s one that’s very much worth repeating.

God save the Swearengin, or whatever,


RL says:

Revisited the link today. Anyone bother to hit Madera County? Couldn’t begin to explain that one.

eric field says:

It will be a few years, (once I get my cert) but as an RN?
-I can pull down basically twice what I’d make here -in a lot of other areas…
(and in a lot of other genre’s of healthcare.)
—even as an LVN (LPN) I can do quite well for the same reasons.

-and the cost of living in a lot of regions that have excellent mass transit from ‘beautiful nowheres-ville’ to waaay thriving cities –is about the same as it is here.
(Though I was told Fresno was going to be cheaper in cost of living, it actually is about the same or a little higher compared to a lot of surrounding and accessable regions from NY, Phila, Boston, DC (etc.)

I’m doin’ the schoolin’, gettin’ my ticket, and headed back up 99 and then due East… (probably.)

…Though Oregon / Washington / Canada still looks quiiiiite tempting.

Delaine Zody says:

Hubby and I have lived here our whole life. We graduated from Fresno State when it was still a college; we raised our daughter here and she got a great education at Edison High School; we bought a house and have it paid off; we have good friends and some family here.

But, we want to leave. We are at an age when we want a new adventure in a big city. San Francisco is calling us so we’re looking to head there for awhile. Fresno, though, will still have a pull on us as we know we can’t sell the house. We’re just going to see if we can be bi-city.

JM says:

The truth is Fresno is ridiculous for a city with over 500,000 people. We are behind in nearly everything (education, support for the local arts, “Green” occupations, etc.) This small town mentality is keeping us from progressing and has made us the bud of every joke in Hollywood. It’s no wonder people are leaving.

But, I think, I’ll give Fresno a few more years…I still have hope that a new generation will take over and make this city everything it can be.