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A month of wine deals


Drink up, wine lovers. But take a designated driver with you to Cracked Pepper Bistro, which is celebrating its fourth anniversary by slashing 40% off wine bottles — for the entire month of June.

Chef/owner Vatche Moukhtarian says he bought a lot of wine and needs to share it quickly. “A lot of wineries are offering great deals just for people to try their wines,” he says. “We can pass these deals on to our customers.”

Up to 20 bottles will be on sale every day, Moukhtarian says. Some of his current favorites are Jack Creek Cellars 2008 Chardonnay ($54), Jack Creek Cellars 2007 York Mountain estate pinot noir ($68), and Ramos Torres 2007 Lucas Vineyard Zinfandel ($42). (These are original prices, without the discount.)

If you’d rather donate the savings from the wine to charity, Cracked Pepper also offers that option. Here’s how it works: Pay full price for your bottle, and 40% will go to Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Poverello House.

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Joan Obra says:

Here’s one more tip: While Moukhtarian would like you to try the bottles on the list, he also knows that some folks will want to stick to their favorite wines from Cracked Pepper Bistro’s selection. So he’ll honor the 40% discount for those bottles, too.