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Café Corazón’s new digs in the Tower District


It didn’t take long for Café Corazón’s fans to get excited over its new space. The coffee roasting company re-opened about two weeks ago in a house directly across from the Peach Pit. Here’s the address: 548 E. Olive Ave.

Don’t expect the scale of Café Corazón’s old digs on the Fulton Mall. The old retail space featured breakfast, lunch and lots of baked goods made from scratch. The new retail space is a pickup station for coffee roasted to order. Owner Leo Rios also will conduct monthly tastings that allow folks to geek out on coffee.

For example, Saturday’s sold-out tasting will teach guests about brewing methods, grind and water temperature.

Rios says he likes lighter roasts that “preserve as much bean character as possible.” He also favors unusual coffees, such as the two that will be featured at Saturday’s tasting: Ethiopia Organic Sidamo Guji Maduro (which evokes varied flavors of cherry, plum and peach as it cools) and El Salvador Los Luchadores Pacamara. (Scroll down this page to see the full description).

For information about future tastings or to place an order, call (559) 492-7047. Pickup hours are noon-6 p.m. Wednesdays-Saturdays.

Photo above of Leo Rios holding unroasted coffee beans. Photo credit: Joan Obra.

Responses to "Café Corazón’s new digs in the Tower District"

ed says:

dang, when i heard cafe corazon had a new spot, i was hoping it be a full fledged shop. secretly, i also hoped that it would open and crush the other coffee shop on olive that serves lackluster coffee in a very nice space.

but, i’m glad to be buying my beans from leo again. love what he’s doing.

Leo says:

Thanks to everyone for the continuing support. With any luck maybe we can shift gears to being more than just as roasting company around the end of the year. And yes, it means the best coffee house in town.

Nancy says:

LEO brings his coffee to the Tower?!? YAY!
It’s even closer to my house now!

Mmmmmm! Bean squeezin’s!

Leo says:

I should add that I roast coffee to order. Contact me through phone call (559) 492-7047 or email or twitter @CafeCorazon and I can take your order and let you know when it’s ready.

I don’t store coffee on my shelves. I want you to have the freshest coffee possible, roast to order is the best way of ensuring that for you.

Beth says:

Great news!
I never got the chance to visit the other location. Salvadorian coffee is great. So glad to hear that I can finally get it locally.

blake says:

Yeah Leo!!!!!
Keep on rockin’!