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Speaking of inappropriate…

Wassabi is not the only restaurant raising questions of impropriety.

A reader sent me this yesterday: “And you thought Wassabi’s plastic urinal splash guard of a woman’s mouth might be considered by some to be in poor taste? Now we have a local watering hole pimping booze and hot wings under the guise of relief for thousands of Haiti’s dead and wounded.”

I can’t tell you if that urinal’s red lips are made of plastic — and I have no desire to get close enough to check.

But I can show you this:

stir crazy.JPG

We at Beehive central are cringing over this one.

That flier makes me think of stumbling party-goers double-fisting their drinks and yelling, “Yeah, this one’s for Haiti!”

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that businesses want to help earthquake victims. The more resources for Red Cross efforts, the better.

But seriously, Standard, your flier needs a more subdued tone. You don’t want people to think you’re partying because of Haiti’s disaster.

Here’s a tip: Instead of going “Stir Crazy for Haiti,” let people know that Karen Chisum of American Red Cross Central Valley will be there 7-10 p.m.

She’ll talk to guests about the relief work in Haiti and accept contributions directly — so customers don’t have to down 30 drinks if they want to make a bigger donation.

Responses to "Speaking of inappropriate…"

Mike Oz says:

I can make puns too.
These people should have better Standards.

bradley says:

Gross. Businesses capitalizing on the terrible tragedy in Haiti makes me ill. Buy our crap and we promise we’ll donate some money.


Mike says:

F the standard. That’s all I can say on this one

Smokey Behr says:

Only 25% of the proceeds? How about 100% of the proceeds for the night? It won’t kill them to eat one night’s business, especially since they can take it off their taxes.

Marie says:

I will NEVER, EVER go to the Standard. This is disgusting. I’m surprised the Red Cross agreed to it. How can people sit around drinking martinis and shots while people are dying and miserable? Sickening.

KitKat says:

Its an absolutely awful situation in Haiti- but reality is…people are going to decide to go out and be social this weekend. SO if they are- why not go where 25% is at least going to the Red Cross?

If you don’t drink- don’t worry about it.

If you do drink- like me- go support a local business, donate directly, and then buy yourself a drink and know that at least at THAT bar 25% is going to Red Cross.

Would it be that big of a deal to you if your fav deli was giving 25% of their sub sandwich profit to Red Cross? c’mon.

gw70 says:

ARE YOU F$#@KING KIDDING ME!!! What a bunch of pretentious A-Holes!
This is a perfect example of a “Paris Hilton/Hedi Montag” mentality. Awful!

Tam says:

Help comes in all forms. I think it’s great that in this economy someone is willing to share their profits to help people in need. We need to see the positives. I don’t see many other businesses willing to share their profits, besides the Red Cross obviously felt it was worthy enough for their participation so leave em alone.

Anonymous says:

I see nothing inappropriate when money is going to the Red Cross no matter how it is raised. The only thing inappropriate is the snide attitude people are taking against it. The Fresno Bee is the one that should be ashamed.

Anonymous says:

It would be great to see some other businesses step up and challenge the Standard to see if we can really make an impact for Haiti.

John Tucker says:

I think it’s great when businesses or anyone wants to help out those in need. Saturday is their busiest night anyways. They could have done it on a slow night and the donation would have been much smaller.

Mike says:

Maybe five percent of the Ed Hardy wearing tools that go to the Standard could point out Hiati on a map much less tell you what happened there. Don’t get me wrong donating to charity is great, but lets call this what it is. A sad attempt at making there customers feel as if they are socially conscientious and the bar getting a few extra bodies in the door.

Maybe next week they should do an illiteracy campaign so the morons that go there spell can
idiosyncratic pseudocompassion.

Ed Hardy says:

Why am I a tool?

Jenn says:

Hey Mike,

I believe you mean, “Making their customers” not “…there customers..”

Those in glass houses…