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Good luck for the New Year


For some of my friends and family, 2009 can’t end too quickly. Some pretty horrible things happened to them — miscarriages, divorce, life-threatening illnesses, etc.

So, in the interest of wishing everyone the best, I pulled up one of my 2007 stories. The topic: lucky and comforting food for the New Year.

Go ahead and stock your homes with these foods:

1. Menudo: If you’re likely to have a hangover tomorrow, get yourself some of this Mexican soup. With ingredients such as chilies, tripe, hominy, lemon, oregano, cilantro and onion, menudo will make you feel better, Bobby Salazar said.

“It’s definitely good for hangovers because it’s spicy and it makes you sweat,” he told The Bee.

2. Black-eyed peas: Some people think black-eyed peas symbolize fortune because they look like coins. Another lucky legend has to do with the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War; folks say black-eyed peas were available at a time when other food was scarce. Try them in Hoppin’ John.

3. Lots of fruits and nuts: This is an old Armenian tradition — a nod to a bountiful harvest.

“We have a lot of dried fruits and nuts on the table,” Ani Eliason of Nina’s Bakery told The Bee. “We enter the New Year with a table full of food.”

4. Oranges: This is my family’s tradition. To symbolize bounty, we’d place round objects, such as coins and oranges, in every room. And when we’d have a New Year’s Eve party, men and women often showed up in polka-dotted clothing.

On New Year’s Day, we could have our fill of pork, but we couldn’t eat chicken.

“Chickens scratch backward,” my mother used to say. “Pigs dig forward. You always need to look forward.”

Know of any more lucky foods? Drop them in the comments, and have a blessed New Year!

[photo credit: Craig Kohlruss, The Fresno Bee]

Responses to "Good luck for the New Year"

Steve Von Gunten says:

There is a very simple solution to the New Year’s hangover problem. Use some common sense and drink a Mountain Dew or a Pepsi and guess what? You will be able to see and cheer on the Ohio State Buckeyes to victory in the Rose Bowl, without a headache or any sick feelings. God gave you a brain; so start using it!

Get with it you alcholic dopes; have some good ole polish hotdogs with a Pepsi or a cup of coffee and enjoy the Pasadena Rose Bowl prade and help Jim Tressel win the big one in Pasadena on January 1, 2010.

Lisi says:

We always make Lentil soup on New Years day. It is supposed to be for Fortune the same as Black-eyed peas.

Kevin B says:

go home grandpa.