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Yes, I’m a Tease: The Hawaii Edition

UPDATE: Answers are posted here.

ORIGINAL POST: So I’m finally back from vacation in Hawaii, where I had my fill of fresh lilikoi (passionfruit), yellow pitaya (yellow dragon fruit), and other island foods.

While I’m getting back up to speed at the office, here’s a little game for ya: What Hawaiian foods are in these photos? (I’ll post answers later today.)

Photo # 1:

Photo # 2:
Thumbnail image for mystery2.jpg

Photo # 3:

Photo # 4: Yes, it’s obvious these are bananas, but can you guess the variety?

[photo credits: Joan Obra]

Responses to "Yes, I’m a Tease: The Hawaii Edition"

MF says:

Photo #2 is the coffee cherry(Kona?) Photo #3 looks like a cross between a mango and a papaya.. that’s all I got, stumped on the other photos..Looks like good eats nonetheless..

Well, the first looks like a coconut
#2 you got me there
#3 resembles Papayas, but I don’t actually think that’s what they actually are.
#4 Domico Banana. (I tried translating that from Spanish)

Jeff Avis says:

#1 coconut
#2 Kona coffee beans
#3 Hawaiian Papaya
#4 Dominica bananas

jackofalltrades says:

1. coconut
2. Mango
3. Papaya
4. Bananas

Joan Obra says:

You guys are pretty good at this! Here are the answers:

1. Yup, that’s a coconut being de-husked. My friend did it by banging the coconut against the rocks and tearing into it with his fingers, but here’s another method.

2. That is indeed coffee. Specifically, these are the coffee cherries of the red caturra varietal. But these coffee cherries are not from Kona. They’re from Ka’u, an up-and-coming coffee region on the south side of the Big Island.

3. Correct on papayas.

4. As for the bananas, I unwittingly launched a deeper discussion. These are known as “apple bananas.” Not sure if they’re Dominico. Will have to look into that further…

Thanks for playing!