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Responses to "Did they just say Huron?"

PolarBear says:

Jon Stewart nails it as usual. Anyone who’s driven by Lake Shasta recently can instantly see where the problem lies. However, it’s not a drought, it’s called climate, and one or two wet years followed by 5-7 dry ones is normal for us.

Additionally, portions of the Westlands should never have been put into crop production in the first place, a perched water table that allows the naturally occuring selenium from the west hills in the valley to accumulate and form a toxic soup. Anyone recall the massive waterfowl die offs just a couple of short decades ago?

Even scarier is that the handful of farmers in the Westlands can apparently legally hijack the water from thousands of eastside farmers if they don’t get their allotment from the delta, based on rights going back quite some time.

Best plan I’ve heard proposed is swap out the crop based agriculture in that area for aquaculture. Since the government is seemingly not going to stop subsidies for big ag, at least put the money where it will do the most good and cause the least harm.

Just my $0.20 (adjusted for inflation)


wet towel says:

…Did I say I wanted Michael Moore to do a movie on Frsesno???

okay.. perhaps a tad too high a goal…

Lets have Jon Stewart to a bi-weekly update on how life is here for, ummmmm, say a 24 month run… (no holds barred.)

‘…history… history… history hurts my brain.’

Julius Washington says:


Go tell the people out of work on the West Side that the problem is climate and that the land should have never been farmed.

We provide food to the world, a world that needs and wants it by the way.

But instead our government spends our money to assure the water we need goes to the ocean.