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Give thanks for your family

With all the jokes about family drama during the holidays, it’s useful to remember why we break bread together.

Here’s a video that really brings home the meaning of family — and makes me tear up. It’s from acclaimed Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad, who died in July at the age of 51.

Sorry about the video quality; it’s the only one I could find with an English translation:

Responses to "Give thanks for your family"

marcel says:

Here is another from Yasmin Ahmad to get the tears flowing.

Joan Obra says:

Oh yeah, this one also makes me cry. I should have remembered to post this one. Thanks for sharing!

eric field says:

…thank you for posting that, Marcel. -e

virginia says:

wow i really liked this video made me cry cause that man is just like my dad. how people can take advantage of a situation i hope that they see this too.