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Bud Light, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Light and … Buckler?


Given the title of this post, you’re probably expecting me to expound on “the most pressing question of the day” (scroll down to 6:38 p.m.).

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about what they drank at the White House Beer Fest — except for a momentary revulsion to Biden’s choice of “beer.”

I’m far more interested in the letter we ran in today’s Bee from Fresno State professor Malik Simba. (Read it after the jump.)

photo credit: Associated Press

‘Playing the race card’

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. knows that he is an ego-centered scholar of race relations who missed the civil rights movement and, therefore, has little “street cred.” Seizing the moment, Gates took charge of the situation and berated the officers until he attained his most fervent wish, i.e. to be a victim.

It’s hard in a post-Obama era for this haute bourgeois of blackness to have substance when he never was “in the struggle.” Playing the race card, Gates hoped that the smart cop, Sgt. James M. Crowley, and his supporting officers, would take the “race bait” and fall into his “cry wolf” racial trap.

The question not posed is, “Did Sgt. Crowley give Gates a wink and a nod and play stupid to get his moment of fame?” Sgt. Crowley, the race relations expert, made a decision to go along with an obvious racial charade.

When you live in Harvard Square and are the only ink spot in the proverbial bowl of white milk, officers know, even before they arrive, who you are. Sgt. Crowley, the race relations expert, more than likely, had viewed Gates’ numerous documentaries on race relations. Gates is Crowley’s intellectual mentor and Crowley fully supported Gates’ attempt to become a victim and attain street credibility.

Malik Simba
Africana and American Indian Studies
California State University, Fresno

Now, we all know that Gates is taking advantage of this incident with his decision to make a documentary about race and the criminal justice system.

But did he make that decision after the incident at his home? Or did he seize the moment as it was happening? And did Crowley? Simba’s letter makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Responses to "Bud Light, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Light and … Buckler?"

dee150586 says:

i am a former student of Dr. Simba’s and he is one smart guy always challenging his students to look at all angles of a issue. Dr. Simba’s brings up very good questions and does make me wonder.

wet towel says:

…the Professor starts with a wonder, goes to a question, answers his own question, then supposes, explains without knowing, convicts,
–then sews it all up.
(without being either of these men, (nor) in the room that night.)

Absolutely Amazing.

I would not confuse the claim of this letter with fact.
Moderately crafted accusation, perhaps, but not fact.

wet towel says:

(J. Obra) Biden, (for all his faults) is very open that his household and family was loaded with alcoholism.
For this reason, he doesn’t drink.
Now, ‘Buckler’ (which is actually pretty good) does have a tiny degree of alch. content, (which is why a lot of people who have alch. addictions don’t drink ‘NA’ beer, either,
-but I’m wondering why you find his choice revolting?

Jack says:

Wet towel: Your comments are impossible to read when you use 100 parentheses where they are not needed. Come on man, learn how to write.

Cristobal says:

I have to agree with Wet Towel, Simba’s making an awful lot of accusations with hardly anything to back it up.

I also agree with Jack that sometimes I just don’t understand Wet Towel’s writing style.

lattlay fottfoy says:

Malik Simba needs an editor.

Kendell Hogue says:

I understand what Dr. Simba is saying. If Dr. Gates is as smart as most of us think, he knew what he was doing. Its like when I was stopped driving a new Porsche, and the officer first question to me was “who car is this.” I told him that it could be his if he wanted the make this large car payment. I knew what I was doing.

lattlay fottfoy says:

Did the officer really say, “Who car is this”?

wet towel says:

(Jack? -don’t wait up.)

bobby says:

seems like something that’s supposed to sound intelligent and deep, coming out dumb as hell.

Joan Obra says:

Oh, it’s just a flavor preference. I can get picky sometimes.

Some examples: I love a salad with currants, but no jumbo raisins, please.

And while I love whole raisins in Trelio’s grilled cheese sandwich, I only want tiny pieces of raisins in my Filipino-style empanadas.

(Sorry for all of the raisin references, by the way. I’m still thinking about last week’s food section.)