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Snoop Pearson From “The Wire” Meets Anthony Bourdain

What happens when two of my favorite television shows collide?

See for yourself:

After watching this, continue to the burning questions after the jump.

3. What is in an Obama, and where can I drink one out West?

2. Is there any restaurant in California that serves great Baltimore-style crab cakes? (My husband grew up there, so the Baltimore crab cake is our gold standard.)

And the most burning question is…

1. What the hell would a Snoop Pearson sex toy look like?

Responses to "Snoop Pearson From “The Wire” Meets Anthony Bourdain"

lattlay fottfoy says:

Snoop would kill this dude and bury him in an abondoned home.

Mike Oz says:

I love Snoop and I would hella watch her reality show, as long as Chris Partlow shows up for a little bit.

This was awesome.

Marty says:

That’s hilarious. Love Snoop!

I actually had a good crabcake at Boudin (S.F.) a coupla years ago. And I was raised near Bawlmer (in Del.), so I know my crabcakes, too.

Heather says:

Wow. This was the most bleak episode of “No Reservations” I’ve ever seen.

sex toys says:

i am now very worried about how a snoop person sex toy would look like! please dont tell me