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More of Your Favorite Hot Dogs


Remember your responses to What do you want on a hot dog?

Well, Tower Dogs isn’t the only specialty hot-dog shop that’s paying attention to your desires. Two other restaurants love to experiment and even offer some of your ideas. Give them a call and see what they’ll do for ya:

One is called Chili Dog Diner in the Bulldog Plaza at Barstow and Cedar avenues, (559) 439-3647. Chili Dog Diner opened about a month ago, so it’s still adding a lot of hot dogs to its list. Here are some of its popular ones:

  • The Chicago Dog: A hot dog with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickle spears and celery salt.
  • The Reuben: A hot dog with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.
  • The Gutwrencher: A hot dog, with mustard, relish, onions, jalapeños, hot wax peppers and a sauce that’s “hotter than tabasco,” says owner George McNeal. (This one is hot — really hot. If you get The Gutwrencher, ask for some Tums. Chili Dog Diner gives them out.)
  • The Bulldog: One bun with two hot dogs, mustard, relish and onions.

The other is called Booney’s Dogs & More at Shaw and West avenues, (559) 261-1212. Booney’s has been open for more than a year, so it has had more time to experiment. Choose from a variety of hot dogs and sausages, then top them any way you like. Or order one of the popular combinations. Here are a few of them:

  • The California Dog: A hot dog with tomato slices, avocado and alfalfa sprouts.
  • The Caliente Dog: A hot dog with pepper Jack cheese, homemade chili, pico de gallo and jalapeños.
  • The Tower of Pizza: An Italian sausage with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.
  • The Pastrami Dog: A hot dog topped with shaved pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.
  • The Veggie Dog: A vegetarian hot dog topped with fresh tomato slices, onions, wax pepper, grated cheddar cheese and lettuce.
  • That’s a Wrap, James: Created for a customer named James, this hot dog is wrapped in bacon and deep fried, then topped with barbecue sauce, diced onions and blue-cheese crumbs.

[photo source: Chili Dog Diner]

Responses to "More of Your Favorite Hot Dogs"

Bryan Harley says:

Booney’s is great!

Heather says:

I like my hot dogs relatively plain. They don’t have to be weird to be good — just some mustard, relish and onions. Maybe some shredded cheese.

That Chicago Dog sounds good, though.

Lucia Jimenez says:

The 1/2 pound hot dogs are great and Booney’s is the only place in Fresno that I can find them. My husband swears by the pastrami dog its a meal in itself. I crave their chili cheese fries, made from REAL potatoes and fresh cut for every order. I drive across town just for Booney’s hot dogs.