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What do you want on a hot dog?


Tower Dogs, your sign next to the Tower Theatre’s office is making me hungry.

Alas, we’ll have to wait to get a taste of these specialty dogs. Co-owner Steve Duquette is waiting for city approval. He hopes to open the doors in early July.

For now, the owners are testing lots of different dogs. How do these sound to you?

  • The Last Call Dog: A Polish sausage topped with hash browns, a little squirt of ketchup, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. Meant for the crowd in the wee hours who’d like “breakfast on a bun,” Duquette says.
  • The Caliente: A sausage spiked with habaneros and topped with nacho cheese sauce and cilantro. Jalapeños optional.
  • The California Dog: An all-beef hot dog topped with avocado, bacon, grilled onions and brown mustard.
  • The Mexican Dog: A Polish sausage topped with chorizo and nacho cheese sauce.

And for those who don’t eat meat, there’ll be a vegan hot dog topped with Thai peanut sauce.

Duquette and crew need more dogs, so leave your desires in the comments below. If your idea rocks, they just might name it after you.

Responses to "What do you want on a hot dog?"

Heather says:

Man, I can’t wait for this place to open up. I hope they have some relatively simple dogs, like Casper’s hot dogs — just cheese, tomatoes, onions or pickles.

Solitaire says:

i totally can’t wait for this place to open!!! It’s going to be the late night spot for sure!!!

Polish dog with bbq sauce and those crispy onion fries and jack cheese… yummy!!!

MsJoey says:

While I know those options sound really appealing, the aftermath does not.
Give me a plain hot dog with mustard and I’ll be happy all day long!
Cant wait to try them out!

The Fresnan says:

They have to come up with a Fresno Dog (can you turn tri-tip into a hotdog?) or…Tower District…dog (what that would have in it, I don’t know). The point is, they need a locally named one.

Also, I really like that they’re planning a late night menu, I can already see the long lines at 2 in the morning.

Donald Munro says:

I’m hoping for shredded soy cheese for the lactose intolerant.

And is it really going to be open at 2 in the morning? Or will the Last Call Dog be for people who are still hungover at 11 a.m.?

Joan Obra says:

They’re still working out days and hours, but the idea is to stay open late. So the “Last Call” dog truly is for last call.

ed says:

hmm, i’m a fan of dogs.

they’ve got to do a texas fat boy – split open, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon. delish.

i’d also love it if they did one with hot pastrami.

i’ve never had a ripper, but i’d love to try one.

famous says:

A taco dog perhaps? It’s two genital references in one meal.
Did I just write that?

BarB says:

Hope they have Slaw Dogs….coleslaw, mustard, onions….yummy. Can’t wait for this place to open.

Shant P says:

Woo Hoo! Looking forward to this. They could definitely get creative; you could practically put anything on a wiener!

Ketchup, oregano, and garlic powder.. take my word for it BOMB

Stephen says:

Must haves:

Chicago Dog – a great polish with the works

Yuppie Dog – with ketchup

The One Dollar Dog – 4″ dog with ketchup mustard and pickle.

Fresno State Dawg – Nothing Kosher about it (zing?). This would be the footlong with the works.

Roger Rockas Dog – Cheesy, but yummy fun!

My suggestions:

Tower Dog – actually two weiners, side-by-side, with lots of mayo.

Stephen Mintz dog – doesn’t matter what’s on it, very few will actually like it.

WetTowel Dog – a fifty five foot long dog on a 4 inch bun.

HMac Dog – A small dog with whatever on it, side of Absolut.

MikeOz Dawg – An indie dog made with rapped sausage that only costs fitty cents.

BubbaDawg – Full of all kinds of crap, but everybody eats up every bite no matter what.

Granite Park Dog – You order it now, it costs the city 5 mil, and you’ll never actually get it (but many stories will be written about how it’s coming up soon!)

emily says:

chicago hot dogs are magical. pickle spear, tomatoes, mustard, celery salt. simple is good.

George (Duke) says:

Polish Dog with fresh garlic and onions…a bit of ground seeded mustard…. EAT ALONE DOG ….LOVE GARLIC…

David says:

How about a good Kielbasa Dog, which I find to be very different than the common Polish sausage/dog? And, for more variety, a pastrami dip like the wonderful ones served at The Hat on N Lake St in Pasadena. There is a real dearth of good pastrami in Fresno.

wet towel says:

two words:

(okay,) three words:

and they need ‘Kosciusko’ Polish mustard, none of this ‘French’s and Goldens’ nonsense…

Brittany Wearing says:

The Kid Dog
A plain hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese. Every kid LOVES that.

A Hot Knight says:

Must haves.

Santa Fe Dog – diced green chile, cheddar, sport peppers, diced onions
Chicago Dog – yellow mustard, bell peppers, tomato, cucumbers, dill pickles, onions, sport peppers, celery salt
New York Dog – brown deli mustard, sauerkraut

Ghost of Al Radka says:

How about the Al Radka Dog!

Fried with a dash of bourbon!

AC says:

This will be a great addition to late night/early morning eating! I get tired of Robertito’s and Denny’s!

Maybe the bacon wrapped dog with the grilled onions and bell peppers like the ones sold in downtown LA alley shopping area. Maybe call it the Alley Dog?

John E says:

Clovis Dog. Spicy BBQ sauce and sauteed onions.

Bad Dog. Habanero peppers, onions, chili and sauerkraut.

Soprano Dog. Slathered in marinara and mozzarella.

A vegan hotdog? You mean I can actually go there with my meat-eating husband?! Yea for a restauranteur realizing that when you exclude the vegetarian, you also exclude her spouse, friends, etc. Good for them.

PolarBear says:

Lot of great suggestions, but there are two on my list that I’d really love to see.

1. A real Mexican dog, wrapped in bacon, pickled jalapenos, salsa, tomatoes crema….

2. Japadog

Joan Obra says:

PolarBear, your Japadog suggestion reminded me of Anthony Bourdain. That, in turn, made me think of Puka Dog.

Check it out.

I haven’t had one yet, but I’m really curious about the fruity “lube,” as he calls it.

Joan Obra says:

Forgot to mention that Puka Dog appears at about 5:42 in that video.

ScienceMann says:

Really looking forward to this one. Dog with Sauerkraut, pickles, good brown mustard and coleslaw on the side. Hot Patootie!!!

PolarBear says:

SM, that reminds me of another I heard about on Chowhound adorned with kimchee, which I thought sounded fantastic.

PolarBear says:

I recall seeing AB’s segment on that, and yes, it got my attention. I’ve been following the Japadog saga on CH’s Western Canada board, it appears that they are about to add a bricks and mortar place along the north end of Coal Harbor, in addition to the two street carts that operate currently. So bummed that our travel plans to Vancouver got torpedoed this summer.



dannyboy says:

a real mexican dog the kind you get in mexico is a wiener wrapped in bacon and topped with chopped onions,tomato,and jalapeno.

Kimakaze says:

How about the ultimate smell good/poop big or go home vegan dog topped with a spicy mustard, fajitas, saurkraut and fresh garlic. Yum!!

Kimakaze says:

Oh and I almost forgot… SRIRACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Antazo says:

Philly Cheese Dog-

provolone, mushrooms, grilled onions and bellpeppers, and chopped up steak bits.

Pastrami Dog-

pastrami slices, onion rings

Pizza Dog-

pepperoni, mushroom, olive…

RJ says:

Coney Special(detroit style)

Seasoned ground beef covering a coney hot dog, topped with chili, mustard and onions,and nacho cheese(or melted cheddar) served in a steamed bun.