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That’s a Lot to Taste


With only three hours to hit all the Taste & Toast of the Tower spots on Thursday night, it’s time to prioritize. See the map on the right for all the eats and drinks.

And if you haven’t bought your $15 ticket yet, head to Grandmarie’s Chicken Pie Shop, Irene’s Cafe, The Landmark, Livingstone’s, Sequoia Brewing Co. and The Tower Theatre. (Wine glass included.)

Need more info? Call (559) 497-8362.

Responses to "That’s a Lot to Taste"

come and stop by the corner across from tower theater, we will be out promoting our cd release and jammin’ some tunes.

blake says:

and …while we’re pluggin’…stop by Spinners next to Teazers between tastes and buy my new instrumental CD:
“Theremins of Mystery”. Oh yeah!
( it’s featured on’s podcast this week! )

I’ve never done Taste of the Tower, but I think I’m going to be able to this time! yay!
(so, if y’all buy a couple CD’s it’ll pay my way!)

LO says:

Thursday night was our 5th T&T and it was the best! Weather was perfect HOT! As always the wine was great and the restaurants who participated served tasty food! Thanks to the Tower group for putting on a well organized event!