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Our five favorite people who were pissed off about Sunday’s marathon

Sunday’s Two Cities Marathon & Half, by most accounts, is a great event for our city. But each year, there’s always a group of people who complain about how much of a pain it is for the people who live near Woodward Park because of the road closures and detours. You’ll probably see an angry letter to the editor on the Bee’s opinion pages soon. People, of course, turn to Twitter and Facebook to voice their frustrations too. One person even made it sound like they were braving Hurricane Sandy. Totally legit, right?

Here are five of our favorites — and one tweet at the end that made us chuckle.

Responses to "Our five favorite people who were pissed off about Sunday’s marathon"

Marc M. says:

I wish I could have replied to each of those posts w/ this:

The Real Dave says:

I dont know anything about this marathon but as an oustider why dont they use a different route every year or something to avoid this type of stuff or is there a specific reason its held over by woodward (north fresno)?

Kearls says:

Planning and implementing a marathon route is a complicated process. It would be a nightmare to have to come up with a brand new race route every year, it just isn’t practical.

Derek says:

There are inconveniences, but this race is a good thing. It brings outsiders into Fresno: money and maybe even positive exposure. If anything, the race is still too small and doesn’t draw enough people to come hang out. They need public vendors for the spectators at the end of the race to make it more of a community event. (See races like the one in Huntington Beach. It’s a big party with some competitive running thrown in.)

This race doesn’t need to go away. It needs to grow. San Francisco, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and dozens, if not hundreds, of mid-sized cities do at least one or more marathon style races every year. People, work it out and deal with a weekend of inconvenience. If the city or organizers are doing something wrong with the logistics, tell them, but don’t toss the whole race. Some roads just have to be blocked though.

Shianne says:

First world problems.

wienzer says:


dkzody says:

Thanks for sharing these. They are pretty funny. I lived in SF, at the start of the Bay to Breakers, and got such a kick out of seeing the runners. Actually, many marathons were run, starting practically at our front door, that I just got used to streets being closed off. In SF, we walked; in Fresno, people cannot walk any where. I keep hoping gas prices will go so high that people can no longer afford to drive, but that seems to be unreasonable. No matter the cost of gas, more people are on the roads, driving faster.

Joanna says:

Is it sad that I want to follow these people on twitter just so I can mock them endlessly?

I wonder what happens when they have to do crappy things like go to the DMV or move. I’m sure the whining is epic. Can’t wait.

john Morales says:

What a bunch of babies. They don’t like living in the “city”. They can choose to move away, like to Dinuba, Selma, biola. These places have no marathon, or traffic jams, or Fresno Bagel. Waaa waa waa, all the way out of Fresno.

Dribble says:

I sort of agree with the street light guy. Shouldn’t we take care of infrastructure problems before we take care of feel-good events? Everyone else is are lazy, whining trolls.

ed says:

i’m curious how much money the city actually puts into the marathon. as i understand, it’s a company running an event, with companies sponsoring. some of this year’s sponsors were chukchansi, michelob ultra, eecu, eye-q, sierra running, sierra pacific orthopedic, and more. yes, it’s using city streets/parks and police, but i’m guessing that they are paying the city. so, it seems that the marathon generates revenue for the city.

and, factor in all the people that came to town, stayed in hotels, ate meals, bought gas, and so on. more $ generated for the city through taxes.

Bob says:

Another in the file “This is why Fresno can’t have nice things.”

DLR says:

Twitter: where every stupid thought is public and therefore newsworthy.

I wouldn’t call this newsworthy.
I’d call it amusing.

Brandon S says:

So wait, let me get this straight, you want Fresno to be cool, but when cool things happen, its not cool with you. Ok, got it.

Side note: Super RAD that people came to Fresno to run when the New York Marathon got cancelled.

Robert Sexton says:

My how condescending. Typical, if you don’t like something you must be a fool or a crank. Trouble is events like a marathon do cause considerable inconvenience and problems. If we are going to keep having such events, it would be good of the sponsors to be a bit more considerate of those who are adversely affected. Dismissing them as cranks or the likes, or a source of amusement is about as disrespectful as you can be.

I think there’s a big difference in having legit inconveniences (can’t get to work, etc.) and acting like they’re trapped in a hurricane or whining because they can’t get to a bagel place.

JH says:

And you know, it’s not like there were any signs posted anywhere to warn them this was coming…

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