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Caption This: Justin Bieber edition

Hate him or love him, you gotta admit that The Bee’s photo gallery from Friday night’s Justin Bieber concert is pretty interesting. Visually, it looked like quite the show. Good work, Craig Kohlruss.

One of my favorite pics is the one below, mainly because I can’t help but wonder what The Biebs is looking at. So let’s have some fun. Leave a comment below and tell us what Justin is thinking in this pic.


Responses to "Caption This: Justin Bieber edition"

Donald Munro says:

“I am going to be so bummed if Mike Oz isn’t in the audience.”

Karina Heywood says:

“Oh giiirl those boots to not work!”

Casey Ogden says:


Casey Ogden says:

“I think I broke a nail.”

Craig says:

Wait…..where are we again?

Lola Mercado says:

“This mic is squishing my head”

Margory Ray says:

Oh man, what town is this again? I hate it when I forget where I am!

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