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Visalia’s Rudy Parris KO’d on ‘The Voice’

Visalia singer Rudy Parris — who had made it through the first two rounds of popular NBC singing competition “The Voice” — couldn’t make it past Tuesday night’s knockout round. He was matched up against Terry McDermott, a Scottish singer with undeniable classic rock pipes. McDermott’s already a judge and fan favorite, making Parris an underdog from the get-go.

Parris also didn’t do himself any favors with his song choice. He sung Chris Brown’s “Forever.” In practice sessions, his coach (and country star) Blake Shelton was skeptical of Parris’ decision. Shelton’s fellow judges later agreed, forcing Parris’ dismissal.

After the show, Parris posted on Facebook, thanking the show, Shelton and adding “God has opened a door.” He shared this video, he said, as a thank you to his fans. Know this, local fans, we’ll certainly see more of Parris. He was a busy and popular local artist before “The Voice” and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be afterward.

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Responses to "Visalia’s Rudy Parris KO’d on ‘The Voice’"

Debi says:

The knockout rounds were good because the contestants got to choose their song, thus choosing their own fate. Most of the contestants that went home, did so because of song choice. It was disappointing to see so many pick outside of their personal genre. No one to blame but themselves.

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