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Sprouts grocery store coming to Fresno

Sprouts, a grocery chain with an emphasis on natural and organic fruit and veggies, will open in the former Sports Authority on North Blackstone Avenue. The store is scheduled to open in mid May in the same shopping center as Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sprouts is a Phoenix-based chain with 150 stores. Often compared to Whole Foods, it showcases its fresh produce, putting the fruit and veggies in the middle of the store. It claims its produce is 25-30% less expensive than other grocery stores. The store is a full grocery with meat, dairy, deli and seafood sections, along with a bulk section carrying 300 items.

Once a little upstart, Sprouts has been growing through mergers and is on an expansion kick into northern, and now central, California.

The location is intriguing. There’s not a lot of grocery stores on North Blackstone, though Walmart’s grocery — probably Sprouts polar opposite — is nearby in Pinedale.

It will be interesting to see if Sprouts draws some customers, particularly north Fresnans, away from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

Responses to "Sprouts grocery store coming to Fresno"

Kathleen Coates says:

They have good sandwiches too!

JJJJ says:

Was in one this past weekend. Wasn’t impressed, but it had a good crowd.

Location is interesting….high population density in that area with no real grocers.

joseph says:

Where do i apply?

zachary wilkinson says:

Were do I apply…can you work there if you got a felony?

John Lennon says:

@zackary wilkinson


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