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Ex Metallica bassist and two Fresnans combine to make a little ‘metal’

Jason Newsted, best known as Metallica’s bassist from 1986-2001, has a new band and a new EP — which is in stores today, with a little help from two local musicians.

Newsted is the name of the band and the title of its four-song EP is just as simple: “Metal.” For the project, Newsted — whose credits also include stints in Flotsam and Jetsam and playing with Ozzy Osbourne — tapped two guys with Fresno ties, Jesus Mendez (drums) and Jesse Farnsworth (guitar), to be part of his band.

Mendez used to play in The Napoleon Blownaparts and you might recall that a song he co-wrote was recorded by Ace Frehley (of KISS fame) not too long ago. Farnsworth, I’m not familiar with, but David Lee Rock from local concert promoter American Made Concerts says there’s a Fresno tie.

The EP is on iTunes now. It was as high as No. 4 on the album charts at one point. As I type this, it’s No. 15. Get a taste below.

Responses to "Ex Metallica bassist and two Fresnans combine to make a little ‘metal’"

Famous Whitewater says:

Mike. This is cool.

You may want to double check me on this, but I think that Jess Farnsworth plays in The Backstabbers.

Thanks, Famous!
Looks like you might be right.

Jasonic says:

NEWST3D METAL. EP debuted @ #1 on iTunes metal charts, #4 Rock charts & # 13 overall, just passed Pink & Beiber!!! He’ll Yes!! Metal Lives!!!!

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