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Meat lovers, these restaurants are for you

After all those closures, let’s talk about some newly opened restaurants.

The Rib Cage opened quietly at of Shaw and West avenues in late November. It specializes in — you guessed it — ribs.

There’s baby pork ribs, beef ribs slow roasted for five hours with the restaurant’s signature sauce and meaty St. Louis style ribs. The menu has all kinds of burgers, steaks, chicken sandwiches and salads. Diners get to nosh on complimentary garlic tortilla chips and spinach while they check out the menu.

The Rib Cage has been laying low until it got its liquor license, which it just did a few days ago, so the full bar is now open.

You might recognize some people or entrees from Bentley’s Steaks Seafood and Ribs at Bullard and West avenues. The same family that ran Bentley’s decided to open The Rib Cage, lowering its prices and relocating to a more affordable location. The restaurant is on the the northeast corner the Shaw and West intersection. Look a little bit to the north, at the same location that Thai Fusion had a second location for what seemed like a week in late 2011.

  • An oldie but goodie is back at Clinton Avenue and Highway 99. The New Moon Lite restaurant and bar has taken over the space that was most recently The Steakhouse.

This one’s got lots of history. That space was home to the Lime Lite’s original location, The Moon Lite and O’Sullivan’s and possibly others.

Vicky Adams, who worked as a bartender at the old Moon Lite and O’Sullivan’s, is now the owner. She’s taking things back to the way they used to be when the restaurant was the (old) Moon Lite, right down to the signs.
“I put the old signs back up,” she says. “We just added ‘new’ to it.”

The menu is reminiscent of the Moon Lite era too, with steak and lobster, chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, and pork chops on Wednesdays.

Adams says a lot of the old customers — including farmers — are returning to the place.

“They love it because that’s how it used to be,” she says.

Responses to "Meat lovers, these restaurants are for you"

Roger says:

From your article could you clarify who was the previous owner of Irish O’ Sullivans that was located at Clinton and HY 99/

Mike B says:

A few months ago Bentley’s offered a Groupon to entice more patrons to dine at their restauramt. The Groupon which expires March 6th, 2013 in longer any good. Do the owners honor their offer at their new establishment? I guess they were in a no win situation with the cost of rent and operations at Bentley’s. However, I am sure that there are more than a few people who kind of feel ripped off.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:


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