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Chris Jericho wrestles with new career options

Chris Jericho’s professional wrestling days are behind him but he still loves a good fight. That’s one reason he’s so excited about being the host of the new Syfy competition series “Robot Combat League” that will debut in late February. The show will feature teams guiding million-dollar robots in a “Real Steel” kind of competition.

“And it really works out because each fight gets better and better as the teams learn more about fighting,” Jericho tells me during a party thrown by the cable channel. “I tried on the equipment and it was so cool because every move I made the robot did it immediately. There’s no pause.”

The show is Jericho’s latest effort by Jericho to move past his professional wrestling days. He enjoyed his time in the ring but is now excited about being able to work on his writing, music and other entertainment options that couldn’t be any further from his mat days. One such option was appearing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“They had asked me three times before to be on the show and I said no. I finally decided if I said no again, they wouldn’t ask me anymore,” Jericho says.

He laced up his dancing shoes and performed his way through six successful competitions before being sent home. His appearance on the show was the edition won by Hines Ward.

Jericho decided his decision to do the show was right after the first time he faced the judges.

“They didn’t think I was the worst dancer in the world. That was great,” Jericho says.

Responses to "Chris Jericho wrestles with new career options"

Michael says:

Jericho is one of my favorite wrestlers and I’m sad to hear he stopped doing that but glad to hear he’s working on new endeavors.

At least his last match was here in Fresno last August so that means something.

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