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Karolina Kurkova not your typical model

It’s hard not to notice how every person who comes into the small bar/restaurant in the Langham Hotel pauses just a second to look at the woman I’m interviewing. Victoria’s Secret angel, the Czech-born supermodel, Karolina Kurkova, has a way of turning heads. She’s certainly attractive enough to garner such attention, but I’m more fascinated by what she’s doing during the interview.

This may sound crazy because Kurkova’s a supermodel, but she’s eating. And, I’m not talking about a meal of salad and ice. The waitress has just set down a plate with three hamburger sliders flanked by a basket of sweet potato fries. As we chat about her new Oxygen cable channel series “The Face,” the tips she gives to young modeling hopefuls and the joys of being a mom, she makes her way through the fries. Kurkova takes a bite of one of the sliders and then calls the waitress over to the table.

Kurkova asks the hamburger be cooked some more because it’s too raw for her taste.

The interview ends up being a reminder of how easy it is to stereotype people. Except for looking like the kind of young woman who could wear a $2.5 million bra and walk the runway for Victoria’s Secret, Kurkova doesn’t fit any preconceived notions about models.

Most of the interview ends up being a serious talk about her career but I take the opportunity to ask one really superficial question. I have always wondered if the wings the Victoria’s Secret models wear are heavy.

“Oh yes,” Kurkova says. “One pair I had to wear weighed 25 pounds. It’s hard enough to stand up straight with that much weight on your shoulders. Then you have to walk in the really high heels on a floor covered with glitter.”

Heavy are the shoulders of a supermodel who works for Victoria’s Secret.

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