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Even stars like Chris Colfer get silly around some celebs

One of the perks of starring on a show as popular as “Glee’ is the number of big name guest stars the show attracts. Clovis East grad Chris Colfer generally tries to play it pretty cool when he meets the celebrities but there have been two cases where he let his fan boy out.

The first was Whoopi Goldberg.

“When I was young boy, she was my hero because of movies like ‘Sister Act.’ Getting to work with her was a dream come true,” Colfer tells me during a recent interview to talk about his new movie “Struck By Lightning.” “As soon as she got on set, I pulled up a chair and just started talking to her.”

Colfer was so excited about Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth being on the show that he often had to leave the room before he embarrassed himself. You have to remember that “Wicked” is one of Colfer’s all-time favorites. So getting to work with her would be like a football fans getting to toss a ball around with Peyton Manning.

His excitement was so pronounced, the “Glee” cast had to come to his rescue.

“The first day Kristin was on the set, the other cast members had a code word for me which was ‘cupcake’ so I would know she was on the way and I wouldn’t pee my pants,” Colfer says.

He learned to deal with his excitement and proudly says that now he can text the singer whenever he wants.

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