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Win tickets to ‘Dreamgirls’

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Steve! Thanks for playing everyone.

ORIGINAL POST: A visually reinvented national tour of “Dreamgirls” on Tuesday will make a stop at the Saroyan Theatre for a two-performance run — and the Beehive is giving away two tickets for opening night to a lucky reader.

I interviewed Charity Angel Dawson, who plays Effie White in the tour, for my cover story in Friday’s 7 section. She says the production has an updated visual look, including the use of LED screens. She calls it an “amped-up, modernized” version.

To enter the contest for the two tickets, leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite Effie from over the years. It could be an actress from the Broadway version, a local version or the movie. (If you can’t think of anyone, that’s OK — just say Jennifer Holliday. She’s the most obvious answer.)

Deadline to enter is 2 p.m. Monday. The winner will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail, so please leave a valid address. Only one entry per person, please. You’ll be able to pick up your tickets at the Saroyan’s Will Call window.

Complete rules are on the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winner will be picked at random. Recipient will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to ‘Dreamgirls’"

Marc says:

Mystique Steward at GCP’s most recent production if Dreamgirls has been my favorite Effie. Her vocals and portrayal were amazing!

Iris says:

I’ve only seen the movie, but would love to see the see the musical. Jennifer Halliday !

charity says:

Jennifer Hudson

Corie says:

Jennifer Hudson

Maria Casas says:

Jennifer Holliday

Marci says:

Oh oops…… I second marc’s comment, Mystique has been my favorite Effie so far!

Amy says:

I only saw the Dreamgirls Movie and really enjoyed Jennifer Holliday.

Kristy says:

Jennifer Holiday!

Doug says:

Great show can’t wait.

Terri says:

Jennifer….all Jennifer

Lynn Cooper says:

Okay this is a really great show, and I would love to see it please!

Jasmine says:

Jennifer Holiday

Daniel says:

One of my favorites was Lillias White from the concert version with Audra! She was really amazing! That whole cast was impressive.

Jose Ruiz says:

Jeniffer Holiday!

Angela Gonzales says:

Jennifer Holliday, definitely!

Suzanne knutson says:

I don’t know. I have never seen it yet.

Lisa says:

Jennifer Holiday has been my fave!

Keith says:

Love love love the music. It would be my dream to see these girls.

Andrew says:

Jennifer Holliday

Terri says:

Jennifer Hudson

Corine says:

Would love to take my friend to this.

Zeke says:

Jennifer Hudson was pretty kick-ass.

Steve Ramirez says:

Looks like a great show, didn’t see the movie with Jennifer Hudson but would like to see the play. Thanks

Ben says:

Hudson!! She won an Oscar for it also!!

Pete vdp says:

I’m a big fan of the movie, and would love to see it on the stage…..

Tanya G. says:

Jennifer Hudson’s Effie in the movie was good, but still doesn’t touch Jennifer Holiday’s version of “And I am telling you”, still gives me chills!

Anna says:

I have to admit (bashfully) that I have not seen Dreamgirls, either…live or the movie. :-( Would LOVE to win the tix!

JJJJ says:

Jennifer Holliday

Tabby says:

I would love to go see this! Really liked Jennifer Holiday in the movie.
Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to win :-)

Ross says:

Jennifer Holiday.
Would really LOVE to take my beautiful wife to this see Dreamgirls!

EBG says:

The young lady at the GCP performance from a few years back was awesome!

Lisa Jordan-Smith says:

From a local point of view, Mystique Steward, a first-time actress from GCP, did an amazing job portraying Effie. From the movie perspective, Jennifer Hudson gets my favorite vote.

Mari Salas says:

Jennifer Hudson! Love her performance in the film! <3

Karen Chamberlin says:

Jennifer Holliday

Cathey Thornburg says:

I would say Jennifer Holliday.
Thanks, Cathey

Cathey Thornburg says:

Jennifer Holliday

PTolentino says:

Jennifer Holliday….I would love to be able to see this production!

Susan T says:

I like Jennifer Hudson.

joan levie says:

Jennifer Holliday

Dian S. Abbott says:

I’ve only seen the movie, but love Jennifer Holliday. Musicals are my favorites!!!

Stephanie Goff says:

Jennifer Hudson gets my vote.

Debbie Henes says:

Jennifer Holliday

Eric Burgess says:

Just moved here from Seattle. Would love to go on a date with the wife and surprise her with this!

Erin Kachadurian says:

Jennifer Hudson really did a superb job in the film version as Effie. What a talented singer and actress.

Susie says:

Gotta give it up for Jennifer Hudson

els evans says:

Has to be Jennifer Hudson…but in my imagination it’s Audra.

Robert G says:

Jennifer Holliday gets my vote for the best.

Amanda says:

I have only seen the movie but loved Jennifer’s performance.. seeing the play would be awesome!

Jessica S. says:

Jennifer Holliday!

Eloise says:

I love this show, it’s so awesome. My favorite is Jennifer Hudson

Bill Ingram says:

I LOVE BROADWAY!! I LOVE MUSICALS!! Jennifer Holliday is the BEST!

APj says:

I need a distraction. A beautiful distraction.

Armando Perez says:

“And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” belongs to Jennifer Holiday who originated the role on Broadway in the 1980′s. I was fortunate enough to see the West Coast production with her in Century City back in the 1980′s. I have one of the larget memorabilia collections on both The Supremes/Dreamgirls on the West Coast.

Rita M says:

Jennifer Holliday has played the role the best. says:


Debbie Takacs says:

Jennifer Holliday!

jon says:

I LIKED the movie version…Jennifer Hudson.

Beth says:

Gotta be Jennifer Holliday!

Frank Revis says:

Jennifer Holliday./ far

Frank Revis says:

Jennifer Holliday…by far

LaJoy Cobb says:

Jennifer Holliday left it all on the stage!!

Cyndi Benavides says:

We would love to see ‘Dreamgirls.” Jennifer Holliday since she won the Tony award!

Thanks and have a great day.

Kara Adanalian says:

Jennifer Holliday is, was, and always will be great. Cannot believe she’s 51?! Would LOVE to see the show :)

joyce lopez says:

I am a senior and would love to see musical. jennifer holiday was always my favorite. a good nightout would be wonderful.

Michele says:

Jennifer Holliday get my vote. Love, love, musicals :)

Will says:

Jennifer Holliday

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