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Kopi Sotiropulos returns to work after surgery

KMPH (Channel 26.1) morning anchor Kopi Sotiropulos returned to work this morning on a limited basis. He’s been away from the local Fox affiliate since mid-September after doctors found nodules on one of his vocal cords. The local newsman went through a four-hour procedure at the UCLA Medical School on. Sept. 21 done by the team was the same that helped Celine Dion when she had a similar problem.

“I didn’t talk for three weeks. That was hard,” a still raspy sounding Kopi Sotiropulos says. “They told me that people who use their voices a lot — like singers — can get these nodules.”

He first noticed the voice problem when it became hard to finish the station’s five-hour morning program without having throat problems.

Because the nodules weren’t cancerous, Sotiropulos has been recovering through a limited use of his voice and some changes in his diet. The one thing he stresses is that while the vocal problem had to be addresses and he appreciates all of the kindness that’s been shown to him since the procedure, he doesn’t want anyone to think that he’s looking at what he went through as a “woe-is-me” situation. Sotiropulos says that there are a lot of people dealing with far more serious problems that what he faced.

Station management is allowing Sotiropulos to set his own work schedule. He hopes to be fully recovered by early next year. Since it was the same doctors who help Dion, that means the career of the personable local newscaster will be able to go on and on.

Responses to "Kopi Sotiropulos returns to work after surgery"

bick rentley says:

not until this article did i even notice he had been missing. Im glad i didnt have to endure the anticipation so many others must have felt for him to return to work.

Cynthia says:

Yes he did sound a lil rough a lil deep but just love to see him bk

cora mijalli says:

I was wondering where he at, I was going to call the KMPH yesterday and ask them where is my Kopi. He cheers u up in the morning. Nice to see u back Mr. Kopi kids are now missing your visits to their school. Got bless you.

AELI says:

I am glad Kopi’s surgery went well and will be back to do the morning newscast been watching for years… at first i thought he was on vacation then after 2 weeks i was wondering “hey what the hell happened to Kopi?!?!?!”

Anoy says:

Welcome back Kopi! Your postive attitude and smiles in the morning are infectious and help a lot of people cheer up for the day. Praying for a quick and full recovery!

Yolanda Alvarado says:

I am so glad that you have made it back, you look thinner too. The station was not the same with you….take care hope to see you back in full gear……..praying for you.

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