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Tonight: the first ArtHop of the year

I haven’t heard much buzz about tonight’s ArtHop, which awkwardly falls in a holiday week. But galleries and studios will be open. I have a short roundup about the event in Thursday’s Life section, leading with a new exhibition by Jim Campbell at 1821 Gallery & Studios.  From the press materials:

Lost @ Sea is composed of two separate bodies of work. The smaller pieces, mostly 2008-2010, are from a series of paintings that deal with the unsustainable use of fossil fuels as an energy source and its consequences to us and the other living organisms that inhabit our planet. The larger paintings have all been completed this year.

All of these works are concerned with color, (that is, contrasting both pure hues and light and dark values and the interactions between them) as well as form, perspective, and the illusion of three dimensional space.

Campbell attended Fresno State in the early 1970s and describes an affinity towards “hard edge painting as exemplified by Frank Stella, Al Held, Gene Davis, and Kenneth Noland” and draws inspiration from “those artists classified as color field painters such as Morris Louis, Paul Jenkins, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Helen Frankenthaler, and Barnett Newman.” Campbell explains, “I see their canvases as portals…one’s mind can travel to places where problems vanish and creativity and tranquility abound.”

After the jump, a few images from a couple of my other ArtHop picks.

The Downtown Community Arts Collective is featuring two photographers with interesting work.

From the gallery:

Wilkie Kingston Kwok was born in Hong Kong, studied art and graphic design, and is a self-taught photographer. Doing freelance photography for eight years now, he is proprietor of Wilkie Kwok Photography. He mainly focuses on artistic fashion, editorial, documentary, and portrait photography. He has worked with numerous local talent including many stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, and models. Wilkie Kingston Kwok was also a nominee at the 5th Annual International Black & White Spider Awards in the Category of Portrait.

From the gallery:

Jonathan Ayala calls his work Digital Surrealism. Each piece is created using several layers of digital photography, blending them together to produce a “seamless” final product. Using mainly black and gray, Jonathan trys to bring a different mood and feeling to the pieces; a sense of fantasy and mystery. The only color used in these images is red, which the artist says represents life and inspiration, tying all the pieces together.

Where are you planning to go for ArtHop tonight?

Responses to "Tonight: the first ArtHop of the year"

Kiel says:

Tonight at Clay Hand Studios buy a ceramic bowl and get it filled with Chili! 905 R Street south of Tulare.

Donald Munro says:

That sounds fun, Kiel. Thanks for letting us know.

jim campbell says:

Thanks for posting info about my show!

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