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Can Club Eva exorcise the ghosts of Granite Park nightclubs?

Club Eva is the latest incarnation of Granite Park’s oft-troubled nightclub. What started as Cabo Wabo, once hosted Kim Kardashian as The Edge and eventually became Club Rome, is now its sixth club in less than five years.

Eva has been in “soft opening” mode for a couple weeks now, mostly catering to the Hmong New Year crowd and hosting a New Year’s Eve party that got scathing reviews on Facebook. But Saturday night is the club’s “premier,” and with Roe now closed, Eva certainly has opportunity.

We’ll be watching to see if Club Eva can make things work in a space — a very nice space, mind you — where so many other clubs have failed. Until then, let’s allĀ reminisceĀ about the Granite Park nightclub failures with this handy infographic.

Responses to "Can Club Eva exorcise the ghosts of Granite Park nightclubs?"

bradley says:

This rules so hard.

sandy says:

I agree that there is no hard and fast rule in how clubs work but we understand that nightclubs are a hospitality bussiness and will do bette with better management and professional employees. Nightclubs ave to keep evolving and improving to keep the interest of its guests and give them the worth of their money. Clubeva is going to work in top gear to meet our guests needs. We will have variations to cater to every taste and music. We are friends with B95, Q97, and all media. We do not stick to a single idea for promotion and will bring fresh entertainment every time. Its a great place to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries and other functions in real VIP style. we can book VIP BOOTHS for groups of from 8 people to 50 people. Check it out at email Happy new year to all readers of this column.

Gina says:

Who is the Owener ?

Art7220 says:

Probably Milt and Kirk. Can’t they get owners who used to run LA and Vegas nightclubs? Never been to those clubs, what are they like?

maxmiller says:

KIRK? the auto gallery guy? I heard he is on parole after stealing money from the innocent customers of auto gallery. Watch him on line by just typing Kirk Vartanian. He is good with photoshop and posts many crappy videos on youtube about others. Kirk LMAO are the guys who stole property from club SKYE and now hiding from law. Abhirati is anopther fake name by KIRK.

Kirk says:

Hey max / sandy why don’t you go f*** your self & back to your TV repair business lol.
Sandy if you got a problem with Kirk Mother ***** you got he’s number call him & stop talking s*** here

VJ Mark says:

My bet in spring time the doors will close. Sorry to say that Club Eva but I’m being honest.

Jojo says:

VJ not that long ….. They well close before march

sandys says:

Look how desperate Kirk and his cronies are to slander this business at
I am wondering if we are in civilized USA or some s*** country with stupid people who can go to any extend to fulfill their illegal desires. Kirk if you have some thing why dont you go to court and file a case rather than slander this business. Club Eva is doing good and our customers want it to do good. The society needs to see what Kirk and his accomplishes are doing to harass innocent businessman. They have cheated innocent people in past and are try to do the same asking for money to stop such pathetic use of social media. I pray to almighty god to bless them with good sense of right and wrong.

LMAO says:

Until they run it like a business, and not a money grab, it will fail over and over; only continuing whenever they successfully dupe a dumbass(i mean investor) into funding the loss.

Sandy says:

Hey LMAO, you are so very correct!!! WE are doing every thing to make your time at Clubeva memorable. Clubeva is going to not only exorcise the ghosts but make it turn around into fantasy like the movie TWILIGHT. There are no ghosts here just a few skeletons in the cupboard that will be cleaned soon. Clubeva welcomes Fresno club goers to enjoy the wonderful ambiance and your loved DJs making nights soar to a new hieghts. Thanks for the comments.

Edward says:

Same club different name. Next!

Jaurique says:

Every club in town goes thru name changes. Look at club on shaw and 1st, club encore. This club has had several name changes as well as lots of violence in last couple years. If I remember the last couple issues there was gun shots in clubs and previous to that someone killed out front.
There is no club better then this one here in Fresno and people will continue to go there so new people will invest money and have management changes and name changes.

No club in town has the high-profile failures that this site has. It’s been a trainwreck since the first Cabo Wabo sign went up.

Here’s hoping the new incarnation is the one that can get it together.

Jaurique says:

You are right mike. But there has been some great events here. Lots of artists have told me they love the place and want to come back. You should do ozmosis show from here once….

If something of the entertainment there reflects what I do on Ozmosis, perhaps I will. But what from I’m seeing so far, doesn’t seem like that kinda spot.

Jaurique says:

Indie rock on Sundays should not be a problem….

Sandy says:

Hey Jaurique, you are absolutely right and perfecto. We need good friends and professional promoters. Mike’s wisdom is greatly appreciated and we shall look forward to the event with him in future.

The Real Dave says:

wasnt it a russian place or something at one time? i remember russian symbols or something like a hammer sickle thing painted out front

No, that was a place that was supposed to open two doors down. It was supposed to be a vodka bar. In the middle was the barbecue restaurant. Neither ever opened.

Sandy says:

Hi Mike, Its good tosee your interest in our club. We are not here to grab money like some readers said but our aim is to give Fresno a nightclub that this city can boast off. You will love to be here in due course. I am sure you see that there are many people who caused the failures of this club in past and are now leaving no stone unturned to messup it name on social networking. I just say god bless the fools with good judgement. We have opened our door and now see good things ahead and soon Clubeva will be a feather in Fresno’s hat. No one can stop this club from entertaining its guests. Its sad that some clubs had to close but its purely a pointer towards the management and employees. Name changes are natural way of telling our guests that we are back in the business with a new face and efficient management. We need the best wishes of all club visitors of our city. Please visit and leave your suggestions if any. Thanks for getting us up in the media.

Tom says:

Sandy you sound so dumb lol

sandy says:

Hi tom, what do you mean by dumb? I am sure you missed what i said in plain English. The readers are intelligent to understand who is dumb. take care and be a sport. whoever you are u need to get over your shortcomings and move ahead. godbless.

Mr Noboto says:

I just hope they get a good dj who plays different tracks because I’m tired of hearing the same ol Drake, Tyga tunes everywhere. I know a lot will agree with me. Not every club should sound exactly the same. There’s great new tracks being made right here in Fresno. They should break a few of those out and mix it up with the top hits. If you’re playing old school, play some different tunes not just Montell Jordan. That lady dj from Skye was good, I hope they get her. I’m just saying mix up that flavor a little.

sandy says:

Hi thats a really good review and greatly appreciated. we are still friends with carlos and lady kate. we would like you to lets us know about the djs that u love. trust us to get what u want

DO says:

If those running it change the way they view business it might prevail. Who ever runs this place has to remember they have competition and being located in a good area they seem to feel superior. Taking for granted the fact that they need you to come back.

Will Connors says:

Fresno does not have the demographics to support a night club. Everyone is either a 3rd world type, a tweaker or an upper middle class family with 2.5 kids. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity.

Dana says:

I completely agree. This isn’t L.A. and it isn’t Vegas. These clubs should quit pretending it is.

sandy says:

Hi Will and Dana, Hope you look after yourself and learn to enjoy life. Its a gift of god and time flies so plan and put on your dancing shoes and forget about demographics or 2.5 kids those are just excuses to justify self pity and not letting oneself to be what you want to be. Cheer up doomsday is gone and club is here to stay regardless of the demographics or any else. Life is meant to be enjoyed without any guilt. have fun when you are still young enough to do late nights. we shall give you both a free entry at the door to just let you taste the fun of being at the right place at the right time. take care and learn to enjoy and let others enjoy life.

K says:

I want to dance to EDM so effing badly, but it does seem like this place is low in the number of people like me. I really hope I’m wrong, I’ll tell my friends to come.

bud says:

Granite Park was open ground for years, because it should never have been developed. Mayor Bubba twisted arms and now you have the occasional crowd at one of the most dangerous places in Fresno.
It will be ugly when something stops flying on turn from FYI or whatever they are calling FAT these days.
That land was left as a dairy for a reason, right up and until it became a great place to attract a crowd–not that the reason changed for a minute.

Sammy says:

That location is terrible. Not close to anything else, no parking, surrounded by empty shells of lost dreams. I can’t imagine anything working there…

garm says:

Actually they are going to have a childcare area with a ball pit , so there’s that!

Michael says:

I remember 60 Minutes featured a business where the customer paid a fee to destroy stuff in a room. For example, customers filled out a waiver, were given a baseball bat/protective gear, and random office equipment, such as a filing cabinet, etc. the customer paid a fee to simply destroy stuff. I believe the price was around 30 bucks for 15 minutes in the room. People would go in on their lunch break, weekends, to do this. Can you dig it? I would call it All The Rage!

+1 this.

Bradley says:

Fresno used to have one of those exact businesses in the 90′s.

It failed.

sandy says:

Hi Michael, It was interesting to read your thoughts. It is beyond doubts that you have destructive bend of your mind and love to demolish what others create with their toil and sweat. Why dont you have fun or imagine fun with your destructive taste at your own cost. I am sure you will have many friends and relatives with properties for your destructive desires. I am sure the readers of Fresno bee understand what I am saying and this came to my mind while watching the ongoing gun debate. We need to really look into mental health of people with a destructive bent of mind or who regardless of knowing any facts are always coming up with negative views and hide behind fake ids to express their distorted views. Honestly why should some be interested in destroying property worth millions just for his perverted idea of fun!!!!!

Sandy says:

HI Mike, I like your timeline except that some people see the glass half empty rather than half full. So the time line could as well as be the time line of success rather than failures. However The Edge after Cabo Wabo may not fit this arguement as it was worst management and was closed the day it opened. Those owners have a history of duping customers in their other nefarious business in Fresno City. Club Rome did well for some time till owners had there own problems. SKYE was closed purely due to some of the exemployees stealing property worth hundreds of thousands from the FFEs and Business fixtures. Clubeva will be a clean management with good security that considers it guests as the real owners. Every person in this wonderful City is an indirect owner and has the right to enjoy their special occassions at club eva at a reasonable cost that is essential for the smooth functioning of such a wonderful place. Clubeva belongs to the public of Fresno city in true sense. We would love to end this concept of failures for good this time. Fresno we are here to stay and enjoy life in grand style. Happy new year.

Carlos says:

Sandy your full of ****……. Are you John Janda’S New partner in crime ? Yes lol
Go back to India take Janda with you !!!!!!!

Lisa says:

I went back to this location now called Club Eva and it was an ABSOLUTE JOKE!!!! I tried to get bottle service and they had this Indian guy that I could not understand one word he was saying TRY to help me he said his name was sandy he was the new owner! He also said, which I thought was very fishy that he’d rather have me pay in cash rather then use my credit card!!! Ummm Can you say Fraud!!!!! Also the pictures that they are posting on their flyers and face book are not even what the club looks like now there’s wires sticking out, holes in the walls and no lighting in the place! There were 5 fights and me being with 7 girls were very scared we asked for a refund and they said “Sorry no refunds” without blinking an eye!!! So SAVE your money DO NOT go to this Club it’s literally a JOKE

Jaurique says:

These 2 replies are very racist and seem like coming from same source. How can we take the word or advice of people who speak in this way, especially in Fresno with the all the different races we have here. No room for comments degrading races.

carlos s says:

It is pitty that the people who are posting such racists comments do not even name themselves and try to hide behind my name. This Carlos of the stupid girl may have never been to the club. Everybody reading this blog will know that this could be the handiwork of a past disgruntled employee who was part of the team with kirk vartanian and pino when they stole from the club. I have nothing to do with this post.

Sandy says:

Hello Carlos and Lisa. We respect your views and would like to compensate for your perpetutated bad experience and would request you to get in touch with management. we can give you free entry or two drinks on house when you visit us next. However, we are US citizens and not Indian americans. DR J is an respected and well known othopedic surgeon and has no criminal links. We suspect that some bad influence has motivated you to write such nasty remarks but still if you contact us we will go an extra mile to look after you and your friends. We assure you and all our guests a better service and customer care. .

sandy says:

Hi Mike, I had given open invitation to the bad mouth reviewers but till date no one has come to us or called to seek any compensation. It just prove our point that infamous people like Kirk Vartanian use foul language on a respectable blog just to sound tough and threaten innocent people. They tried to sabotage our Jonn Hart Show with Brad by pulling out main supply cable outdoors and pouring water into Main Transformers. The stupid fellows could have been electrocuted. But the show was a great success regardless. I would advise all these people using false names to calm down, forget the past and get on with their lives. They already have their hands full with other legal aspects. Club EVA is here to stay and bring good nightlife to Fresno.

Mike Foster says:

Digging the typo in the infographic “Granite’s Park”.

Oops. Fixed. Thanks for the head’s up.

Michael says:

What’s the over/under on this place lasting 6 months?

Carlos says:

Over/under is 60 days

Sammy says:

I’ll take the under…

Mikey Zaremba says:

NEW investor. SAME owner.

Kassandra says:

Is it Clubeva or Club Eva?
“Turn around into fantasy like the movie twilight?” Lol

Michael says:

If going to this club makes me sparkle like an emo vampire then I’ll never step in the place.

Sandy says:

Hey Michael, Have you ever visited this club????? Well with your distorted views and idea of fun being destroying others property I think it would be better if you visit other clubs as our customers are very well mannered and nice respectable citizens who respect others right to have fun. I have a feeling that with your idea of fun you might have been involved with the incident of vandalism at this property on the Jan 19th early morning to sabotage Jonn Hart event. But people like you never succeed as God is great and there is justice always in his eyes. Remember next time that even in the darkness of early morning god is watching. Take care and do what is right. May god bless you with the lights of constructive thinking and action. God bless. Let me know if you want to visit any club, I will get you a free entry so that you learn to enjoy night clubs the right way.

Abhirati says:

LMAO @ Sandy, he’s real name is Sandhu Karan I know him from Woodland ca. He is a TV Repair Man lol now he’s a nightclub owener are you f……. joking. This man is a BIG Liar & Thief !!!!!!!

Sandy says:

Hello Abhirati or what ever your name is. Why do you want to know who i am and where do i live. The information you put up was only Known to one Kirk Krikor Vartanian and Pino Borelli. I don’t even know you or share any interests with you so how do i become a thief??? are you insane or something or are you an impostor for KIRK. I can see the logic because you are full of hatered for some you have never met or known. If some one repairs tvs it does not mean he is a thief but implies that the guy has his brains and uses it right to repair broken tvs and not post stupid senseless comments at this wonderful blog. So Abhirati, Kirk oe pino who ever you are please call me or email me your problems so that i can suggest you sane solutions. Even if you hate me its no problem because we are mostlikely never going to see each other because you are a fake pesron living under falsehood after stealing innocent citizens at your Auto Gallery. Courts dont Lie. Every body is not a thief on parole and please respect a hard working business. The name you mentioned is an highly accailamed biomedical engineer of UC Davis who stood first in designing a nano technology project in USA and stood second in international competition in Beijing, China and made UC Davis and our great nation proud. Please see UC Davis web site. So please dont throw muck on others and do something to get your own house in order. Thanks.

Anonimouse says:

I went to this place when it was Club Rome AND when it was Club Skype. Both times I had some of the best nights here in Fresno. That place was ALWAYS busy on a Satuday night. It will be missed, and started to be “the place” to go in Fresno, because it was more than just a room with lights (aka Encore). This place actually tried to create an atmosphere unlike any other nightclub in Fresno, and it succeeded.

After waiting for it to reopen, i went to Club Eva to support it but mainly to give it a try. I had a great time still, however of course with a place as big as that, it needs to work on building up it’s repeat customers coming back. The place was half full, and the guy to girl ratio was about 50/50. I’m glad i got to see some familiar bartenders that used to work when it was Club Rome/Skye. All in all, i left tipsy, happy, and feet tired from dancing all night. I will go back :) Just work on the small things, like patching up holes. It’s the details that count.

VJ Mark says:

I’m a part of a Club in the Tower District and I share the headaches from what club owners go through from slow nights to busy ones. I want to Club Eva to succeed but it was sad when I had horrible service at the bar. I ask for a beer, gave him a 10 and he rudely put the change in his tip jar instead handing it to me. I did not address him of his wrong actions but had a meeting with my bartenders and explain what I experience from Club Eva, they better not ever do that to our customers. Will I return Club Eva? Maybe but will not ask that bartender again for a drink. I know there is a lot of bad talk of Clubs and we have our flaws too, but Club Eva is the best interior designed in Fresno. Yes I’m a little jealous … what club owner isin’t! of it’s space and extravagant appearance, I hope you make til spring because your overhead is huge. After spring you will be ok the business will pick up…Good luck Club Eva!

Sandy says:

Thankyou Sir! We love to hear constructive criticism from our customer and will do everything to keep them happy. Like you we also talked to our staff and advised them to look at the tip as a favor for good service and not a right regardless. The customer has the right to tip or not and that directly flows from the service a bartender provides. I am sure the service provided may have also been below your expectations and i would have felt the same if he had done this to me. With your advise and guidance we shall be better place and more prepared for your next visit. You have a drink on the house next visit, just call for sandy when ever u come next. Thanks again for the pearls of wisdom and we shall always value customers like u.

sandy says:

Hey Mike see the You tube video at clubeva and look at our website What do you think about the Club waking up to your wishes?

VJ Mark says:

Congrats Club Eva you made it for spring, good job (tip my hat). I’ll attend your club sometime next week to see the changes, by the way I’m Mark Medrano resident Video Jockey at Arena Night Club who remodel and put Arena & Million Elephant restaurant back on the map.

Jaurique says:

Is arena back on the map? Didn’t even here about it being open or anything major out there…..

VJ Mark says:

Arena is new, Million has been around but I gave it a face lift. We start air waves this week, and more remodeling on the way. But no way close to Club Eva, that club is very nice in design, that took a lot of green to make it look that way.

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