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Another nightclub closure: Roe

We’ve already mourned the loss of one nightlife staple today, now here’s another, on the opposite spectrum: North Fresno nightspot Roe has closed it doors too.

The news is getting passed around Facebook (above) and I’ve confirmed it with in-the-know nightclub sources. The Roe Facebook page, which disappeared for a while today, is now back with some remembrances from employees.

The club and sushi bar (but did anybody actually eat there? apparently not) at Palm and Nees has been a staple since that Park Place shopping center opened in 2007. It’s gone through a number of promoter changes, a time when people thought it was closing and some drama, but Roe managed to outlast its ultralounge peers Twist and 2039, all three of which opened in late 2007/early 2008.

No word yet on what’s happening next at the space, but it’ll certainly become something again soon. Anything you’d like to see in its place?

Responses to "Another nightclub closure: Roe"

Matt P. says:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Every — EVERY — “restaurant” that turns into a nightclub, or tries to do the two always fails here in Fresno. Period.

It’s always a bad business move to do this, and is usually a red-flag. Business owners need to think about the pure business model (whether food or drinks) first, versus trying to do both.

In this shopping center alone, RIP to: Twist, Thai Palms, and now Roe.

All originally “restaurants,” that added a nightclub element in order to seemingly turn around business.

There’s a dozen more examples here in Fresno that are just like this.

Jonnysan says:

I know you feel strongly about this…but I have to disagree,
I think they fail not because they try to do both night club and dinning..but because they want to charge high end dinning and high end nightclub in a non high end town…if they didn’t get greedy they would survive…charge what people can afford in these times, ie… Bobby Salazar’s in tower just down the street from former Typhoon, Laughing Budda and the like….and bobby’s survives…why? Because they dont charge $12 for a burrito, people can afford to go there and have a good time..all the time…something to think about.

JS says:

I DID eat there and loved it!! Now THIS hits close to home. :(:(

pk says:

I did eat there too and loved it! (Just had to be out of there by 9 for them to break down the dining) *sad face*

Smokey Behr says:

Another victim of the economy. All you Obama voters can blame yourselves for these closures. People with money are hanging onto it for dear life, as government tries to take more and more away. When people have more disposable income, they’re willing to spend it on restaurants and clubs. Now, people are barely making ends meet, and with unemployment in Fresno County near 15% overall, and nearly 40% for the target demographic for clubs like Roe, Thai Palms, and Twist; there’s just not enough people with disposable income to keep these places afloat.

It also doesn’t help that there were a few incidents where the police were called out to Roe last year. This was a turn-off for many people who want a safe environment in which to have a good time.

Donald Munro says:

Just a hunch, Smokey Behr, but something tells me that not many Roe customers were making over $400,000 a year.

Trish Melrose says:

You missed the boat on this one Donald. Re read the comment.

Donald Munro says:

Trish, from the comment: “All you Obama voters can blame yourselves for these closures. People with money are hanging onto it for dear life, as government tries to take more and more away.” My response was a current-events reference to the resolution of the “fiscal cliff,” which ended up preserving tax cuts for taxpayers making under $400,000 a year.

Smokey Behr says:

Donald, sorry, but you’re completely wrong. It’s not just the income taxes allegedly being raised on just the top 2% (it’s actually the top 77%), it’s the other taxes in the form of ObamaCare and Prop. 30, among others.

With the unemployment rate for 20-somethings at between 35% and 40%, depending on the survey, they just don’t have the money to go out and party after paying rent, utilities (which has gone up again for PG&E customers), car note, cellular phone bill, student loans, etc., if they have any money at all, with the end of 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

Donald, maybe you need to go back through the Bee archives and look to see how reducing taxes and government spending has truly stimulated the economy, instead of the government spending more than it takes in. Here’s a hint: You might need to go back about 30 years.

Donald Munro says:

Mr. Behr: Sorry, I’m not going to get into an argument with you about supply-side economics. That debate has been vigorous and well-documented. Fact: You attempted to make a connection between the demise of a restaurant and “Obama voters,” connecting them to a government that “tries to take more and more.” Fact: the restaurant in question closed before new taxes negotiated in the “fiscal cliff” deal even went into effect. Fact: The end of the temporary cut in payroll taxes, which took place Jan. 1, was agreed to by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress; neither party wanted to continue that tax cut. So your attempt to connect Obama voters alone to taxes being raised on the top 77% is weak. Fact: Obama had nothing to do with Prop. 30; that was a state measure. I do understand that you’re philosophically opposed to increasing revenue through tax increases, and I understand there are passionate arguments on both sides of the issue, but my light-hearted comment was meant to express my opinion that trying to connect the president to the closure of Roe was a pretty big stretch.

mdub420 says:

Well technically Donald, Smokey Behr has cast a blanket over what the Obama voters have voted for. His blanket doesn’t only include the so-called “fiscal cliff”. It also includes Obama’s pride and joy, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” which raises taxes on those who’s earned income is over $200,000 for single filers, and $250,000 for joint filers.

With the “fiscal cliff”, everybody will see a 2% tax increse in social security. It will go back to 6.2%. It was 4.2% for the employee portion in 2011 and 2012.

Back to ObamaCare, people who make $200,000 who are single or $250,000 who are married, they will have to pay an additional 0.9% in Medicare on that income over $200,000 and $250,000. For example, if someone has wages of $500,000 and they are single, they will pay the 0.9% on $300,000 ($500,000 wages less $200,000 threshold). If you don’t have wages and your own a business, don’t worry. You will get hit with this 0.9% increase in Medicare tax as well. So if you have a business and you earn $300,000, you will have to pay 0.9% on $100,000.

Remember this 0.9% is seperate from “Federal Income Tax” which has also gone up on these high income earners of $400,000.

But that’s not it. 0.9% isn’t enough. How about the 3.8% Medicare surtax on your investment income? Yep, if you have income from interest, dividends, Rents, royalites, annuity distributions, capital gains, or income from a passive activity, you will get hit with a 3.8% tax on that income. This tax is also seperate from the “Federal Income Tax”.

Luckily, there are threshold amounts which is $200,000 for single and $250,000 for married. Also this 3.8% applies to the lesser of your net investment income or the excess of your AGI less the threshold amount. You want examples? Ok.

Example 1: Single taxpayer with a salary of $100,000 and Net investment of $50,000 will not have to pay this tax because his AGI (100+50) is less than the threshold of $200,000. Remember it’s the lessor of your net investment income ($50,000) or AGI less threshold ($150 – 200).

Example 2: Single taxpayer with no wages, but has net investment income of $225,000. They will have to pay the 3.8% tax on $25,000, ($225 AGI less 200 threshold).

Example 3: Married couple with $300,000 in salary, but no investment income. They will not have to pay the 3.8 because their wages are exempt. But they will have to pay the 0.9% on $50,000 (300 wages less 250 threshold).

Example 4: Married couple with $400,000 in salary, and investment income of $50,000. They will pay 3.8% on net investment income of $50,000 because it’s the lessor of. $50,000 vs $200,000 (which is 400 wages + 50 less threshold of 250).

Example 5: Married couple with $200,000 of income and $150,000 of net investment income. They will pay 3.8% on $100,000. Remember lesser of net investment income $150,000 or AGI less threshold (200+150 less 250 threshold).

More guidance will come out on these new 2013 taxes soon. But for now, that’s the jist. So I guess it really doesn’t change your point regarding who frequents a place like Roe. Even though the patrons could have fooled me with all the champagne poppin they do, the boob jobs done by the females, and all the tattoos on their bodies. That takes money, money that I don’t have LOL. But Smokey Behr was talking about the business owners. They are getting taxed and figure closing up shop is better than trying to survive.

You have to remember, this is Federal Income tax. I haven’t even mentioned California taxes. Sales tax has also increased. It may not seem a lot to people who support these tax hikes and want these business owners to pay their fair share, but somebody who makes $300,000 while running a business and pays employees doesn’t agree.

Mdub?!? Is that you?


Sammy says:

Good riddance. Hip hop and urban club styles, like it or not, bring about violence and gunplay. The demographic Roe was catering too will never, ever support a business in this town good economy or not.

Dan says:

…I wish “purely” restaurants could make it in Fresno!

Talk with any eatery owner and they’ll tell you they have to have booze along with the food to do more than break even. That starts the slippery slope.

Then the customers want entertainment which means they’ll want to dance. The City won’t allow dancing in restaurants-only night clubs. Heck, you have to have a night club permit in order to have any sort of live or musical entertainment in this town.

Too many night clubs? Yeah. Blame the economy and the idiots down at City Hall for this state of affairs!

Matt P. says:

This is true, but I should’ve clarified my comment…

Specifically, businesses that are usually restaurants first, then change over to a nightclub, I’ve consistently viewed this as a red flag. Sure, restaurants make a lot of money on alcohol, this is a given — but what I’m talking about, are the ones that switch to a “nightclub” just several months in; drastic changes like this usually signal a struggling business. The point I’m trying to make, is that restaurants should focus on their original business model (food). This corner in particular, with Thai Palms, Roe, and Twist — ALL these businesses started out with food that was bad to mediocre. All of them (Yelp reviews, for one, will back this up). Instead of focusing on the food and culinary side more, and perhaps replace chefs, etc, they all turned into nightclubs.

Roe started out as a “restaurant,” but near the end, the food was just a side element. Sure, there was other problems like non-dancing permits, criminal activity, down-economy, etc, that didn’t help, but generally, I think it’s safe to say that these businesses didn’t focus their efforts in the right places.

I’ve paid a lot of attention to businesses that do this “restaurant to nightclub” switch, and I would say at least 95% never make it.

The one right now going through this that I’ve been watching is The Million Elephant, in Tower District. Their food is not good (in my opinion), and they’ve switched to having a nightclub. They’ve lasted a while though with this combination, so they may be the exception, but they have a great location.

Thaiphoon, which was also down the street on Olive, tried this, and lasted barely a year I think. Their food was terrible, and sure enough, months after I first tried it, turned into a night club.

Aqua-Shi, another glitzy sushi restaurant in N. Fresno, same fate — terrible food, so 6 months in, they switched to a nightclub; went out of business about 8 – 10 months later.

There’s at least dozens of other restaurant’s that did this, to no avail.

Think about it right now: is there an established restaurant/nightclub in Fresno that you know of?? Established, as in, been in business for longer than 5 – 7 years operating as such?

Carson says:

Ghaleb’s Grill and Hookah Lounge? Los Amigos? Tell me how these don’t apply because of who they specifically cater towards. Broaden your taste and demographics a little, Fresno County isn’t Orange County.

Gil Vasquez says:

And add The Iron Bird Cafe (again), sad –

JJJ says:

I actually ate their once, with a groupon. It was good, but not worth the trip. Many good small sushi places.

Joe Blow says:

F*** ROE and all the sawed-off little Hmong guys with Napoleon complexes who frequented the place. I knocked this little wannabe gangbanger from “Gran Torino” for trying to stick his hand down my wife’s skirt.

Tipster says:

You might talk to the property owner for the real scoop on why it’s been forced closed.

Gil Vasquez says:

Kinda miss the old mdub420……

Will Connors says:

This place sucked:

- Bad food
- Bad service
-Demographics to support a night club non-existent in Fresno
-Questionable/shady people running it.

It is a recipe for failure.

Smokey Behr says:

The bottom line is that there are too many clubs and not enough money to support all of them. Maybe once the economy improves to a point where we have <6% unemployment overall and <10% unemployment in the 18-29 age group, we'll see a resurgence of these clubs, with an improvement in quality, and not quantity.

Donald Munro says:

Good point, Smokey Behr.

Anonimouse says:

Damn, I’m gonna miss this place. As a non asian guy…sooo many good memories of hot asian chicks grinding up on me :) This was my go-to spot on Asian Thursdays! This place will be sadly missed. Been going there for nightlife for 2-3 years…only ever ate there once. It was one of the few places that had a nicer more trendy atmosphere with it’s all white decor, etc.

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